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  • Get Up, Get Moving…Energise!

    Have you felt that wave of increased warmth and a lift in the air?  The promise of summer is on the horizon now that spring is here.

    In considering the focus for this week’s article, my attention was drawn to the needs of clients recently.

    • Would you like more physical energy? To feel energised and drawn to being physically active again? The bulkier clothes of winter may have hidden an increased waistline for some. Now is a great time to get active .
    • Or would you like to energise your mind to support a happy and positive state of mind?
    • Or is an uncharacteristic runny nose, cough and chest …

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  • Time To Turn Over A New Leaf (Or Two?)

    Turning over a new leaf

    As we move from winter to spring it’s a great time to increase intake of a variety of crunchy vegetables and fruits. Time to see what nature has on offer and to increase our intake of leafy greens and other fresh, spring vegetables and fruits.

    You may even find the desire for some salad greens starting to arise again as the weather becomes warmer. Consider mixing and matching from a variety of leafy vegetables:  endive, spinach, red chard, arugula, watercress, green and red leaf lettuce and raddichio (red or Italian chicory). Not only does the end result look …

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  • Congestion And Hay Fever Symptoms?

    What is Hay Fever?

    As spring arrives do you find yourself experiencing any of the following...
    Runny, blocked nose or post nasal drip, which often causes a cough?
    Frequent sneezing, itchy, red or watery eyes?
    Itchy throat, mouth or nose?
    Loss of smell and occasional loss of taste,
    face pain or headaches?

    These are common signs of hay fever, which is also known as allergic rhinitis. Some people experience minor symptoms while others can experience quite debilitating symptoms.

    Seasonal allergic rhinitis is an allergic reaction most often to wind-borne pollens, especially grass and …

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  • Fast And Tasty Frittata

    Fast Frittata… yum tasty!
    Have you noticed your taste buds are looking for a little zing, or that you’re prefering to eat lighter? These are signs that your body is gradually transitioning from winter to spring and desires less of the heavier winter fare and more of the lighter spring foods.  Here is a tasty and gently cleansing meal to try this week.

    FAST FRITTATA – serves 2

    4 fresh eggs, 1/4 red onion finely chopped,1 Cup shredded spinach,
2 large potatoes or kumara (sweet potato) baked then cubed,
4 Cups steamed green vegetables of your choice,
cooking oil

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  • When’s A Good Time To Detox?

    Have you noticed how much smoother a car runs after it has had a tune up?  It can sometimes seem as if the car is new again!

    Just as our car does best with a regular service so also nature has coded within our physiology two times of the year when a tune up can make all the difference to how we feel and perform – the transition from winter to spring and the transition from summer to autumn.

    After a gentle Ayurvedic cleanse people often comment about how much more energy they have, how their aches and pains have gone, and how much happier they feel. It makes sense that a cleanse can bring …

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  • Hungry? Or Just Not Satisfied?

    Susie asks Linda…
    Lately I have been eating way too much, especially at night and I can't seem to stop. Anything I can do about it? I have not increased my exercise. I think because it's colder I get bored and want to eat. How can I stop myself from doing this? 

    Linda replies
    Are you hungry, or just not satisfied? If you are hungry, it may indicate that you haven’t eaten enough, or enough of the right types of foods throughout the day. Many people trying to lose weight restrict their intake in the morning in the hope to cut calories, but really only end up playing catch-up later in the …

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  • Allergy Free This Spring

    Did you notice it’s getting warmer?  Even though the weather is still changeable, spring flowers are starting to appear.

    Just today a client bought me a lovely bunch of bright and cheery spring flowers, a sure sign that the seasonal change towards spring is about to happen.

    Springtime brings people with stuffy noses and runny eyes to see me. As the thaw of winter begins and flowers bloom, the increased levels of pollen can be a problem for some. If this is you, be sure to stock up on Aller Defence to support the body's healthy response to allergies and get a step ahead of nature by …

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  • Love Your Liver - The Silent Servant

    Give some thought to your liver this week. The liver plays a crucial role in detoxifying your body, helping to keep your immune system strong especially during the colder seasons.

    Your liver's job is to cleanse and filter the blood, promote the elimination of toxins and hormones, and to facilitate digestion. The liver also governs fat metabolism by releasing lipids (fats) and associated toxins into the blood for elimination. Your liver is a very important organ especially during winter when you want to stay well and be warm!

    When do I need to support my liver?

    Read below to find out how to …

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  • Tips For Ageless Living

    What if the consciousness in your body has the ability to repair and maintain the health of your cells indefinitely? Modern research is exploring ‘how’ aging happens with some fascinating research coming out about the ability of DNA to repair itself

    Ayurveda explains that we age because we see others aging and this expectation within consciousness then guides the various transformations and repair mechanisms within the cell and body as a whole

    Wow, could that be true? 

    Certainly some people look younger than their years… and people who practise Transcendental Meditation (a mental …

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  • Winter Warmer - Butternut Soup

    Enjoy this recipe for a tasty evening meal this week!

    Where possible Ayurveda recommends that we be kind to our system by eating the bulk of our food during the day when it is most easily digested.

    This naturally lends itself to a light, tasty and easy to digest evening meal such as soup. During winter it is especially nice to sit down to a warm soup…

    Butternut Soup

    INGREDIENTS (Serves 3)

    1 t vegetable oil,
    2 spring onions or ½ cup of leeks chopped (optional)
    900g butternut squash, peeled, seeded, and diced
    1 C water
    1 flat tsp of cumin powder
    2 tsp of grated ginger or 1 tsp of ginger …

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