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  • Support your health this winter

    Yes, winter is now on the horizon with Monday 1st of June the ‘official’ start of winter just around the corner.

    As the days get colder it‘s important to protect your health by ensuring your immune system is not loaded with impurities from incomplete digestion.

    When digestion is sluggish or irregular what is eaten cannot be fully broken down so impurities build in the intestines and spread throughout the body. The immune system is then kept busy cleaning up these impurities from partial or incomplete digestion. If there are also cold and flu bugs about in your environment then your busy …

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  • Calm Mind Smooth Emotions

    Have you been feeling a little ruffled and wondering what to do to calm your mind and feel more emotionally smooth?

    Or is it more a longer term dissatisfaction with life that sits underneath your discontent?

    No matter whether the mood or emotions have been dominating for a little while or a long while, Ayurveda explains that behind this mood of the mind and heart sits a deeper underlying imbalance.

    The deeper imbalance is due to an imbalance of Vata, Pitta, Kapha dosha, or a combination of these doshas. You can know which of the doshas has become imbalanced by the mood and feelings that …

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  • How To Reduce Embarrassing Gas & Odour

    It can be embarrassing and painful when gas arises and finds it’s way out either upwards or downwards!  Gas bothers some people more than others and can be accompanied with cramping pain and a smelly odour.

    Ayurveda explains that gas with cramping pain and odours arise when the digestion is weak. Along with the obvious cause of gulping air by talking with our mouth full, there are also other causes to be aware of. Read below to see which ones may be an issue for you:

    Common causes and solutions

    1: Drinking cold water especially when hungry and drinking too much.

    • Sip room temperature …

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  • Anti-inflam Tips

    I’m going to let you into a secret that can make a big difference in your wellbeing for the rest of your life.

    Inflammation is the body’s equivalent of a scouring rust that weakens and destroys tissue health and rapidly ages you from the inside out. Addressing the causes of inflammation is essential for long term wellbeing and a painfree life. 

    So what is inflammation and how can it be reduced? 

    Inflammation (Latinīnflammō, "I ignite, set alight")

    Inflammation is a protective immune response that the body uses to survive infection, toxic build up or trauma (injury). When the …

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  • Riding The Transition Into Autumn

    Now that the weather is becoming cooler with increased rainfall, this signals to nature that summer is coming to a close and the seasonal change to autumn has begun.

    The winds of change are blowing the heat that has accumulated during the summer season around your body. There is an increase of Pitta symptoms as the body tries to detox the excess heat that has been released into your bloodstream for a spontaneous seasonal cleanse.

    Clients I am seeing during this time reflect this seasonal change in their body and minds.  As Vata dosha guides the seasonal changes people are noticing that their …

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  • Riding The Wave Of Challenge

    Stress is the body's response to changes that create challenging demands, but it’s not always a bad thing. It can often be a source of motivation and a necessary component for survival. However, excessive or prolonged periods of stress can be bad for our health.

    Stress can take hold in a number of different forms

    • Heart palpitations, headaches, and excessive sweating are all physical symptoms of stress.
    • Psychologically, stress can present itself through bad dreams and broken sleep, irritability, lack of confidence, and depression.
    • Stress can aggravate an existing illness and make you …

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  • The Power Of Single Herbs

    Potent Herbal Masters

    This week we focus on three herbal masters. In writing this, I continue to be impressed at the power of these amazing single herbs.

    Brahmi - Bacopa monnieri
    What a wonder herb Brahmi is. Known for its ability to enhance brain function, Brahmi helps reduce anxiety and supports concentration and longevity. It is also a potent wound healer as it increases the synthesis of collagen.

    This all round herb is used for all manner of imbalances from indigestion to dementia. It has grown popular in the west as students comment that it helps them retain information when cramming …

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  • Simple Yoga For Energy And Balance

    Yes! It works…

    After years of striving to exercise I have finally found a way to exercise that involves the whole body and is fun to do – it’s called ‘functional exercise.’  And it is probably no surprise to you that in considering this style of exercise I had one of those ‘light bulb’ moments!

    Here was a superb functional exercise staring me in the face, which I have practised sometimes, but will now incorporate into my routine regularly. It is called the Sun Salutation and is traditionally known as Surya Namaskar. This ancient functional exercise achieves the same outcome as …

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  • I’m Feeling Good In My Skin

    Ah… beautiful radiant skin with a gentle blush of wellbeing ‘no matter ones age’ is a delight to see. A healthy radiant skin indicates that the internal fires of digestion, metabolism and the end process of elimination are all functioning well.

    The body has some very efficient ways to eliminate bodily waste via the bowel, urinary tract and respiratory system (through breath). If these systems become blocked or inefficient, then your skin becomes the default pathway. If you wish to have beautiful skin ‘no matter your age’ or you have a skin condition that you wish to address, then …

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  • Stoking The Fires Of Digestion

    How strong are your digestive fires?
    I love the simple analogy of Ayurveda that considers our digestive system to be a cooking pot with the fires of digestion being much like a fire in our hearth or fireplace.

    Recently I had the pleasure of sitting beside an outdoor fireplace, enjoying the cooler evening night and seeing how clear the night was - how brightly the stars shone in the clear night sky.  As the fire strengthened the wind-blown smoke went up the chimney instead of over me and the warmth became welcome as the night grew colder.

    Our internal fire
    Much like the vagaries of this fire, …

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