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  • Digesting The Festive Season

    Where does digestion of food start? Is it when the food enters the stomach, or after it moves from your stomach into the small intestine at the bottom of your stomach?

    You may have heard that effective digestion starts with how many times we chew our food in the mouth before swallowing. When I think of this, into my mind comes the picture of a docile and patient cow as it quietly chews its cud. Granted, it does have two stomachs to fill, unlike us with just the one!

    Being hungry is key to great digestion

    A well-functioning digestive system is essential for good health and nutrition. Appetite, …

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  • Yummy Summer Juices & Smoothies

    It’s a great time of year to think about increasing your intake of fruit and vegetables to help energise and vitalise your mind and body, now the longer days of summer have arrived. One way to do this is to have a daily drink of fresh juice or a smoothie made with whole fruits.

    From an Ayurvedic perspective, summer is the best time to take fruit and vegetable juices or smoothies.

    • Fruit and fruit juice is best taken during the morning
    • Vegetable juices are best taken during the afternoon
    • Combining fruit and vegetables is generally not recommended
    • Adding a little fresh ginger to fruit or …

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  • Herbal Wonders For Anti-aging

    Rejuvenation for young and old

    Ayurveda has a whole division of medicine focused exclusively on rasayana - that which eradicates disease and aging.

    Just like the sap nourishes all parts of a tree, a rasayana nourishes our essence to support the whole of our mind and body.This is particularly important with the increasing elderly population, along with lifestyles that can prematurely age us if we don’t take sufficient care.

    Ancient texts on ageing
    The ancient Ayurvedic texts describe aging as a natural process that can be managed and its effects reduced through use of rasayana. It may …

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  • Tips For A Great Holiday

    Isn't it fabulous to feel the warmth upon your face now that summer is definitely on the rise.  This time of the year can also be a time of increasing pressure as we build up to Christmas and the holiday season.

    Has the build up started in your life? With only four weeks to go are your ducks in row? Or do you typically find that even with good intentions it can be a rush at the end to get those last moment things done?

    Heads up

    To navigate through to a happy and relaxing holiday there are some tips that clients have found useful over the years.

    1. The Leisure/Pleasure PrincipleIf you find …

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  • Happy Heart, Happy Life

    My attitude to life is to look on the bright side, as I deeply understand the power of the mind and its importance in maintaining vibrant wellbeing. Having said that let’s not put our heads in the sand, let’s be responsible. Being around to enjoy the growth of loved ones and to achieve heartfelt goals can be a strong motivator to take care of oneself. Sometimes it’s important to stop and look at the facts, and to make informed choices…

    • Heart, stroke and blood vessel disease (cardiovascular disease) is the number one killer of men and women worldwide.
    • High blood pressure is the most …

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  • Firing In All Cylinders

    Yes! Summer is on its way.

    About this time of the year I typically start to feel housebound and want to get out and about more. Do you? As the daylight hours get longer and the thought of lettuce and salads start to become appealing once again, I know that summer is on the horizon.

    This week we want to help you fire on all cylinders.  Here are 3 ways to help fire up your energy this week.

    1. Get up and go breakfast smoothie
    Here is a Mango Almond Delight Smoothie to tickle your taste buds and help you get going this week.

    1 Cup diced fresh mango, 1-2 dates, 1 Cup of milk or …

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  • Get Up & Get Moving

    Exercise with a friend

    As the days are getting warmer the impulse to become active increases. Are you noticing a desire to be more active outside?

    Being active regularly helps you to feel in control, promotes well-being and relaxation, cleanses the body of adrenaline, can lower blood pressure and relax tight muscles. It can also provide social support - and it can be fun!

    Exercising with a friend or a group of people can help make it more fun, interesting, and keep you motivated to continue with a regular exercise routine. There is no better way to maintain a healthy body shape than being …

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  • Trim Me Down - 5 Simple Tips

    5 Tips for Easy Weight Loss

    1. Breakfast boycotters get left behind

    Missing breakfast will NOT help you lose weight. In fact, breakfast eaters are more likely to have better weight control and have lower cholesterol than those who skip breakfast, as this often leads to overeating later in the day.

    Eating breakfast has also been shown to improve concentration, problem solving, mental performance, memory and mood.

     2. Choose your snacks wisely

    Snacks are important because they keep our energy levels topped up and also often prevent us from ‘overeating’ at our main meals.

    Snacks are exactly …

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  • Getting The Sleep You Need?

    Amazing sleep facts

    Do you feel refreshed and alert when you wake in the morning? Or are you typically slightly or seriously sleep deprived?

    The ancient physicians of Ayurveda knew how important sleep is to the human mind and body. A sleep study by researchers at the Allen Institute for Brain Science and SRI International on how genes express with sleep deprivation, highlights some interesting facts.

    • The control of sleeping and waking is associated with gene activity in the brain regions involved with sleep regulation and higher level functions.
    • Neurons in the forebrain (neocortex, amaygdala …

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  • Amazing Health & Younger Old Age

    One of the advantages of a system of health care that has its origins over 3000 years ago is the depth of understanding about how to preserve health and to age gracefully. Some of this wisdom fits within the framework of ‘common sense’ and some of it is leading edge.

    Here we highlight the two most important choices you can make to preserve health and negate old age.

    1. Adopt a daily routine suited to your unique nature and needs

    2. Protect and nourish your mind and body by taking Amrit Kalash daily – a leading edge herbal formula.

    Ancient Wisdom for a busy life
    It is common sense that …

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