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  • The Power Of Single Herbs

    Potent Herbal Masters

    This week we focus on three herbal masters. In writing this, I continue to be impressed at the power of these amazing single herbs.

    Brahmi - Bacopa monnieri
    What a wonder herb Brahmi is. Known for its ability to enhance brain function, Brahmi helps reduce anxiety and supports concentration and longevity. It is also a potent wound healer as it increases the synthesis of collagen.

    This all round herb is used for all manner of imbalances from indigestion to dementia. It has grown popular in the west as students comment that it helps them retain information when cramming …

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  • Simple Yoga For Energy And Balance

    Yes! It works…

    After years of striving to exercise I have finally found a way to exercise that involves the whole body and is fun to do – it’s called ‘functional exercise.’  And it is probably no surprise to you that in considering this style of exercise I had one of those ‘light bulb’ moments!

    Here was a superb functional exercise staring me in the face, which I have practised sometimes, but will now incorporate into my routine regularly. It is called the Sun Salutation and is traditionally known as Surya Namaskar. This ancient functional exercise achieves the same outcome as …

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  • I’m Feeling Good In My Skin

    Ah… beautiful radiant skin with a gentle blush of wellbeing ‘no matter ones age’ is a delight to see. A healthy radiant skin indicates that the internal fires of digestion, metabolism and the end process of elimination are all functioning well.

    The body has some very efficient ways to eliminate bodily waste via the bowel, urinary tract and respiratory system (through breath). If these systems become blocked or inefficient, then your skin becomes the default pathway. If you wish to have beautiful skin ‘no matter your age’ or you have a skin condition that you wish to address, then …

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  • Stoking The Fires Of Digestion

    How strong are your digestive fires?
    I love the simple analogy of Ayurveda that considers our digestive system to be a cooking pot with the fires of digestion being much like a fire in our hearth or fireplace.

    Recently I had the pleasure of sitting beside an outdoor fireplace, enjoying the cooler evening night and seeing how clear the night was - how brightly the stars shone in the clear night sky.  As the fire strengthened the wind-blown smoke went up the chimney instead of over me and the warmth became welcome as the night grew colder.

    Our internal fire
    Much like the vagaries of this fire, …

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  • Time To Balance Pitta

    By nature are you intense or driven? Changeable? Or relaxed?

    Such human differences are familiar to us all and may seem random, but they are actually part of an intelligent pattern of nature that can be used to support our health and happiness.

    If you, a friend or family member can be intense or driven then the qualities of Pitta dosha may be strong. If this is so, then summer can be particularly trying. As the heat outside increases the internal heat can become quite uncomfortable.

    In this insight we focus on how to help yourself, or loved ones when Pitta needs a little cooling.

    Pitta …

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  • Back To School...Revitalized!

    For many the summer holidays are now complete and it’s back to school. We want to focus on supporting our young ones and all students no matter their age, as the new academic year kicks off.

    We think learning should be enjoyable and enriching, not strenuous and stressful. So here are some tips to enhance mental and physical performance to help make learning a pleasure.

    How to enhance mental and physical performance

    1. Get a good night’s sleep. If sleep is an issue deal with it, as it is really important to get a good nights rest.
    2. Take time out to recharge with Transcendental Meditation (TM) …

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  • Does Your Waist Measure Up?

    As the joys of Christmas fade and we enter the new year, have you noticed an increase around your waist? Are your trousers fitting a little more snugly?

    Typically the weight that is put on at Christmas time becomes the new weight for the coming year. Over the years, our waists expand as year on year our girth increases!

    The objective way to see if your girth is putting you at risk is to check your waist size and your Waist Hip Ratio.

    My Waist Size 

    What is healthy and what is not?
    A waist size of less than 80 cm is desirable for a female
    A waist size of less than 94 cm is desirable for a …

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  • Kick Off With Mind Power

    After a refreshing holiday both the mind and body can feel more refreshed and invigorated. This week we explore how to maintain and enhance this mind power to help you kick-off for a great year.

    Getting the balance

    Just like a car runs well with carefully supplemented fuel so does our mind and body. I’d like to share with you a story about a client who made this patently clear to me early on in my career.

    A gentleman was bought along for a consultation as he was recovering from a series of strokes – 5 in all.  This was resulting in sleepiness during the day and difficulty with …

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  • New Year New You

    Doesn’t it feel great to be chilling out, enjoying good weather with people who seem to smile more, or is it just me?

    An Ayurvedic saying may provide some direction  ‘the world is as we are.’

    My world is brighter and it’s not just the sunny weather and beach swims, but also the opportunity to reflect on what’s next for the coming year.

    A key focus for me this year is to have loving attention on my family and my own self care.  Even with all the knowledge of Maharishi Ayurveda and the experience of over 11,000 consultations, this past year my needs had become secondary to other …

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  • Digesting The Festive Season

    Where does digestion of food start? Is it when the food enters the stomach, or after it moves from your stomach into the small intestine at the bottom of your stomach?

    You may have heard that effective digestion starts with how many times we chew our food in the mouth before swallowing. When I think of this, into my mind comes the picture of a docile and patient cow as it quietly chews its cud. Granted, it does have two stomachs to fill, unlike us with just the one!

    Being hungry is key to great digestion

    A well-functioning digestive system is essential for good health and nutrition. Appetite, …

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