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  • Weight reduction…Winning formula

    We want to introduce you to the winning formula clients have used to maintain a healthy body shape or even drop 20-30kg when they needed to.

    First, learn about the dietary, exercise and life style recommendations that help to reduce weight and take the mystery out of what to do. By learning these natural ways to lighten your body and mind it becomes easier to set up the right environment for your body to melt away even stubborn fat.

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  • Warm Lunches...Easily

    Save money, keep warm and healthy with these one pot or themos flask meals.

    Bringing warm lunches to eat at work cuts down on your overall food bill and also means less time spent outside when the weather is wet and chilly

    Thermos flask meals are an ideal solution for those wanting to have a hot meal at lunch. It can be prepared in the early morning and will cook itself in the thermos in time for lunch. Find a good stainless steel food flask (which has a wider neck than a normal drink flask) and will not break if dropped. Give these tasty treats a go…

    Tip: for optimal nutrition 
    If your …

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  • Are you feeling wired and tired?

    Keeping calm, cool and collected can be a natural state even amidst challenging situations, when your adrenals are strong and balanced.

    When I was 23 years of age I lived in a constantly tired zone… feeling tired but wired, knowing intuitively that something was wrong.  I went to the doctor for some help.  His prescription was valium. After just one tablet it was clear that this wasn’t for me.

    My journey towards understanding how to help my body heal itself and what my body needed daily to function well, began.

    At this time I did not know about Maharishi Ayurveda so I turned to a …

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  • Foods For Autumn

    The change from summer to autumn is a period of time called Ritu Sandhi in Ayurveda. It refers to the gap between seasons. This is a delicate time for the digestion, because the doshas are fluctuating and digestive capacity can also waver. This time of fluctuation provides a natural opportunity to cleanse the body, and Ayurveda suggests that we make good use of the natural tendency of the body to cleanse itself.

    Keep it light and warm

    Maharishi Ayurveda recommends favoring lighter, warmer foods and skipping heavier foods during the few weeks when one season is changing into another. An …

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  • Healthy Digestion for Happy Joints

    When did you last feel a little bit stiff or experience some joint discomfort or tenderness upon waking? Sometimes we live with slight discomforts or even pain for a few days or even a while … hoping our body will restore balance and remove the pain or discomfort.

    It can be surprising to feel free of stiffness and pain when it has become a backdrop for everyday living.

    “Ojas is the finest and most refined product of digestion and metabolism,” explains Mark Toomey, Ph.D., the director of Maharishi Ayurveda programs and health practitioner at The Raj Maharishi Ayurveda Health Center and …

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  • Why Happiness Starts in the Stomach

    In the USA 2004 documentary "Super Size Me", Morgan Spurlock decided to eat a steady diet of fast food for 30 days to see how it would affect his health. Although he and his doctors expected some changes, they were shocked by how quickly his skin turned sallow, his cholesterol levels and blood pressure skyrocketed and his weight shot up 27 pounds. Worse, his mood changed from one of vibrancy to depression.

    According to ayurveda, there is not only a direct connection between the food you eat and your health, but food affects your emotions, your happiness as well. You could even say that health …

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  • How to Beat Fatigue

    How to fight fatigue - Are you feeling mentally frazzled, emotionally stressed out, or just plain pooped? If so, you have company. Researchers report that the majority of adults today suffer from stress and tiredness.

    A stress-driven body and mind is the major cause of fatigue, and unfortunately, for many people this is a normal state of living in today’s hectic world. Most people have lost touch with the normal experience of “calm energy,” which is a state of low tension and high energy that allows for optimism, confidence, and the stamina necessary to enjoy success, love and …

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  • Shilajit – Himalayan Mineral Masterpiece

    We’re juggling it all and feeling the effects. As a professional, a parent and homemaker, it’s easy to plow through days feeling overwhelmed with social, business and family concerns. Taking care of oneself is too often the first thing cut from a much-too-busy schedule. That’s part of the reason that recent articles about taking the tar-like, ancient herbal supplement Shilajit (mineral pitch) are peaking interest. Some websites claim that it has calming, “rejuvenating” and aphrodisiac properties. Scientific analysis shows that it has 85 minerals and contains fulvic acid, a popular …

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  • Brahmi - Brain Power For Deadlines

    You’ve been pushing to get a project done to meet your deadline. Fighting against the clock while working long hours, your busy mind resists sleep, if it comes at all. Other tasks take attention and energy; family, relationships, even office politics – all conspire to sap the focus and clarity your task requires. Patiently, though, an ancient ayurvedic herbal formula waits for you to discover how quietly and profoundly it can help you to accomplish your goals without being too exhausted to enjoy them.

    In ayurveda – especially the true formulations from Maharishi Ayurveda – stellar …

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  • Organic Neem - The Wonder Tree of India

    Neem, the “wonder tree of India,” is known in Ayurveda as a detoxifier, and, in traditional use, it is considered a multifaceted support for skin health. A cleanser and blood purifier, dexterous neem supports clear and healthy skin and promotes general well-being.

    Neem has long been treasured in India for its many benefits, and all parts of the tree are used to support various aspects of wellness. For centuries, Indians have juiced neem leaves to achieve glowing skin, chewed neem bark to clean their teeth, used neem leaves as a natural bug repellent, and drank neem tea as a powerful …

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