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Category: Brain Health
  • Brahmi - Brain Power For Deadlines

    You’ve been pushing to get a project done to meet your deadline. Fighting against the clock while working long hours, your busy mind resists sleep, if it comes at all. Other tasks take attention and energy; family, relationships, even office politics – all conspire to sap the focus and clarity your task requires. Patiently, though, an ancient ayurvedic herbal formula waits for you to discover how quietly and profoundly it can help you to accomplish your goals without being too exhausted to enjoy them.

    In ayurveda – especially the true formulations from Maharishi Ayurveda – stellar …

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  • Brain Boost For Students

    In the last ten years, neuroscience has focused its attention on the adolescent brain and concluded it’s different from the brains of parents. Undoubtedly, parents and teens would agree.

    Researchers now know that remarkable changes occur in the brain during the second decade of life. Adolescence is a time of profound brain growth and change. This recognition is contrary to long-held ideas that the brain was, for the most part, fully "formed" by the end of childhood.

    During the years between childhood and adulthood, the brain’s “wiring” becomes more complex and even more efficient, …

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  • High-Caffeine Energy Drinks—The Ayurvedic Perspective

    Over recent years the increased number of deaths possibly linked to caffeine-rich energy drinks has alarmed health officials and raised questions about the safety of these beverages.

    Dr Mark Toomey, Ph.D., an Ayurvedic expert and Director of Ayurvedic Programmess at The Raj Ayurvedic Spa in Fairfield, Iowa comments:

    “Caffeine increases Vata dosha. Vata governs all movement in the physiology, such as the activity of digestion and the nervous system. With small amounts of caffeine we can see the increased alertness and the effect it has on elimination.

    But in large amounts this aggravation of …

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  • Amrit and Asperger Syndrome

    We had a call from a lady called Jacqueline who had heard of our product Maharishi Amrit Kalash and was keen to know if it was available. When asked where she had heard about it, she told us she had Asperger Syndrome and had read about Amrit in a book entitled “Aspergirls – Empowering Females with Asperger Syndrome”.

    The book’s author, Rudy Simone, speaks of her experience with Maharishi Amrit and it’s effects on Asperger Syndrome.

    She poses that “autism is initially caused by a compromised digestive system which allows toxins from the environment and food to get into the …

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  • 7 Ways to Beat Stress & Stay Happy

    First off,  follow the 90/10 rule for a happier life. The 90/10 equation is as follows:

    90% is what happens to you-it's out of your control. 10% is how you react to what happens to you-that is totally in your control.

    Here are some specific ayurvedic stress-management tips to help you cope at your best.

    1. Herbal Help:

    Smooth EmotionsStable, stress-free and fulfilling emotions are strengthened with this traditional formula. The highly respected Ayurvedic herb Ashwhaganda (Withania somnifera) combined with the Silk Cotton Tree (Salmalia malabarica) work together to help calm the mind, …

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  • Build My Fitness Please

    This week we consider your exercise needs and what you can do to optimise the effectiveness of your exercise. There is no one size fits all when considering any area of your life from diet, lifestyle, sleep and exercise too.

    • Some people love building up a sweat while they exercise, while others get overheated easily.
    • Some people need motivation to exercise while others wouldn’t think of not exercising most days.
    • Some people get easily addicted to exercise, do you?

    These and other choices are expression of your unique mind body type according to Ayurveda.

    Firstly, no matter what your body …

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  • 7 Ways to Boost Your Brain Power at Any Age

    According to Maharishi Ayurveda, there are three equally important aspects to mental performance -- "dhi" - learning and comprehension, governed by Vata dosha, "dhriti" - processing and retention of knowledge, the realm of Pitta dosha, and "smriti" - memory or recall, controlled by Kapha dosha.

    For the best mental performance and realization of the fullest mental potential,  Ayurveda recommends paying attention to the three fundamental pillars of good health -- diet, sleep and lifestyle -- to achieve this state of mental wholeness and balance, at any age!

    Here are the 7 top tips to boost …

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