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Category: Digestion
  • Stoking The Fires Of Digestion

    How strong are your digestive fires?
    I love the simple analogy of Ayurveda that considers our digestive system to be a cooking pot with the fires of digestion being much like a fire in our hearth or fireplace.

    Recently I had the pleasure of sitting beside an outdoor fireplace, enjoying the cooler evening night and seeing how clear the night was - how brightly the stars shone in the clear night sky.  As the fire strengthened the wind-blown smoke went up the chimney instead of over me and the warmth became welcome as the night grew colder.

    Our internal fire
    Much like the vagaries of this fire, …

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  • Digesting The Festive Season

    Where does digestion of food start? Is it when the food enters the stomach, or after it moves from your stomach into the small intestine at the bottom of your stomach?

    You may have heard that effective digestion starts with how many times we chew our food in the mouth before swallowing. When I think of this, into my mind comes the picture of a docile and patient cow as it quietly chews its cud. Granted, it does have two stomachs to fill, unlike us with just the one!

    Being hungry is key to great digestion

    A well-functioning digestive system is essential for good health and nutrition. Appetite, …

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  • Knowing when to eat…

    Sounds like a no-brainer, but sometimes we can fall into the habit of eating when our body is not really hungry.

    Hunger is your body's indicator that it is ready to digest your food, so that nutrition will be optimal. Ideally hunger comes at regular intervals coinciding with breakfast, lunch and dinner times with a small snack if needed, in between, to tide one over until the next meal.

    Eat when hungry
    Here is a simple way to get in touch with your body's messages around eating and food.  If you feel it is time to eat, pause and use this body awareness technique to check-in, to see if …

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  • Warm Lunches...Easily

    Save money, keep warm and healthy with these one pot or themos flask meals.

    Bringing warm lunches to eat at work cuts down on your overall food bill and also means less time spent outside when the weather is wet and chilly

    Thermos flask meals are an ideal solution for those wanting to have a hot meal at lunch. It can be prepared in the early morning and will cook itself in the thermos in time for lunch. Find a good stainless steel food flask (which has a wider neck than a normal drink flask) and will not break if dropped. Give these tasty treats a go…

    Tip: for optimal nutrition 
    If your …

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  • Healthy Digestion for Happy Joints

    When did you last feel a little bit stiff or experience some joint discomfort or tenderness upon waking? Sometimes we live with slight discomforts or even pain for a few days or even a while … hoping our body will restore balance and remove the pain or discomfort.

    It can be surprising to feel free of stiffness and pain when it has become a backdrop for everyday living.

    “Ojas is the finest and most refined product of digestion and metabolism,” explains Mark Toomey, Ph.D., the director of Maharishi Ayurveda programs and health practitioner at The Raj Maharishi Ayurveda Health Center and …

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  • Why Happiness Starts in the Stomach

    In the USA 2004 documentary "Super Size Me", Morgan Spurlock decided to eat a steady diet of fast food for 30 days to see how it would affect his health. Although he and his doctors expected some changes, they were shocked by how quickly his skin turned sallow, his cholesterol levels and blood pressure skyrocketed and his weight shot up 27 pounds. Worse, his mood changed from one of vibrancy to depression.

    According to ayurveda, there is not only a direct connection between the food you eat and your health, but food affects your emotions, your happiness as well. You could even say that health …

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  • Cool The Fires This Summer

    Barbecues, beach picnics, and family gatherings are sure signs of summer. A host of delicious foods fill the plate. It’s common in summertime to take a vacation from the regular diet and indulge in some junk food. After all, who can resist a good barbecue while watching the cricket. And the ice cream man is pretty tempting when the temperatures rise. However, too many hot, spicy, and oily foods can cause the digestive fire to sizzle with increased stomach acid. Even too many sweet treats like ice cream and frozen mochas can throw digestion off balance.

    Don’t sweat it or fret it — you …

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  • Digesting Christmas

    As December 25th approaches do you light up with anticipation and joy, or cringe wondering how to balance your needs and the needs of others? It is meant to be a holiday, right?

    Christmas shopping, family gatherings, increased social activity along with increased spending, richer food and festive drinks can make this time of year a challenge.

    Read on to see how to get the most out of Christmas this year with full and complete digestion… mentally, physically and emotionally.

    1) Plan ahead

    Schedule time to relax, chill and recuperate as well as spending time with friends and family. Shop …

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  • Triphala - great for so many things...

    There is a saying in India that if a vaidya (ayurvedic expert) knows how to use Triphala properly, he/she can help heal any disease.

    Digest Tone contains Triphala which is great for so many things. Triphala is

    • Particularly rejuvenating for the digestive tract
    • A deeply nourishing tonic for the eyes and the skin
    • A herbal that gently detoxifies the body and can be taken for longer period of times
    • An effective cleanser that goes deeply into the physiology to release deeply seated impurities
    • Excellent for detoxifying blood, muscle and fat tissue and helps balance cholesterol
    • An effective herbal …

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  • Digestion is King

    A properly functioning digestive system is vital for good health.  Our digestive system is responsible for all the energy production and metabolism that takes place in our bodies - breaking down food and liquid and creating  blood, cells, tissues, organs and bones.

    The effects of improper digestion and metabolism can cause disturbances in most parts of the physiology. Poor digestion plays havoc with our skin, causes congestion in our respiratory and cardiovascular systems, weakness in our bones, teeth, nails and hair, impurities (Ama) in our blood and imbalances in the menstrual cycle and …

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