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Category: Fatigue
  • Feeling Low?

    Feeling low?

    Have you wondered if your low or variable mood might be due to depression?

    Symptoms of low mood can progress into depression and express as

    • a moderate, pervasive unhappiness
    • a loss of interest or pleasure in normal activities
    • low self-esteem,
    • ranging through to an unshakeable depressed mood
    • be accompanied with anxiety, suicidal tendencies, addiction or even violent behaviour.

    Maharishi Ayurveda understands that depression is a result of imbalance in Sadhaka Pitta – which impacts the heart and emotions and then the mind.

    Pitta is increased by mental stress, physical strain …

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  • Are you feeling wired and tired?

    Keeping calm, cool and collected can be a natural state even amidst challenging situations, when your adrenals are strong and balanced.

    When I was 23 years of age I lived in a constantly tired zone… feeling tired but wired, knowing intuitively that something was wrong.  I went to the doctor for some help.  His prescription was valium. After just one tablet it was clear that this wasn’t for me.

    My journey towards understanding how to help my body heal itself and what my body needed daily to function well, began.

    At this time I did not know about Maharishi Ayurveda so I turned to a …

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  • How to Beat Fatigue

    How to fight fatigue - Are you feeling mentally frazzled, emotionally stressed out, or just plain pooped? If so, you have company. Researchers report that the majority of adults today suffer from stress and tiredness.

    A stress-driven body and mind is the major cause of fatigue, and unfortunately, for many people this is a normal state of living in today’s hectic world. Most people have lost touch with the normal experience of “calm energy,” which is a state of low tension and high energy that allows for optimism, confidence, and the stamina necessary to enjoy success, love and …

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  • Brahmi - Brain Power For Deadlines

    You’ve been pushing to get a project done to meet your deadline. Fighting against the clock while working long hours, your busy mind resists sleep, if it comes at all. Other tasks take attention and energy; family, relationships, even office politics – all conspire to sap the focus and clarity your task requires. Patiently, though, an ancient ayurvedic herbal formula waits for you to discover how quietly and profoundly it can help you to accomplish your goals without being too exhausted to enjoy them.

    In ayurveda – especially the true formulations from Maharishi Ayurveda – stellar …

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  • Digesting Christmas

    As December 25th approaches do you light up with anticipation and joy, or cringe wondering how to balance your needs and the needs of others? It is meant to be a holiday, right?

    Christmas shopping, family gatherings, increased social activity along with increased spending, richer food and festive drinks can make this time of year a challenge.

    Read on to see how to get the most out of Christmas this year with full and complete digestion… mentally, physically and emotionally.

    1) Plan ahead

    Schedule time to relax, chill and recuperate as well as spending time with friends and family. Shop …

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  • High-Caffeine Energy Drinks—The Ayurvedic Perspective

    Over recent years the increased number of deaths possibly linked to caffeine-rich energy drinks has alarmed health officials and raised questions about the safety of these beverages.

    Dr Mark Toomey, Ph.D., an Ayurvedic expert and Director of Ayurvedic Programmess at The Raj Ayurvedic Spa in Fairfield, Iowa comments:

    “Caffeine increases Vata dosha. Vata governs all movement in the physiology, such as the activity of digestion and the nervous system. With small amounts of caffeine we can see the increased alertness and the effect it has on elimination.

    But in large amounts this aggravation of …

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  • Build My Fitness Please

    This week we consider your exercise needs and what you can do to optimise the effectiveness of your exercise. There is no one size fits all when considering any area of your life from diet, lifestyle, sleep and exercise too.

    • Some people love building up a sweat while they exercise, while others get overheated easily.
    • Some people need motivation to exercise while others wouldn’t think of not exercising most days.
    • Some people get easily addicted to exercise, do you?

    These and other choices are expression of your unique mind body type according to Ayurveda.

    Firstly, no matter what your body …

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  • Boost Your Inner Power

    Many people are frequent visitors to their doctor's office, desperately wanting to know why they are always so tired and lethargic, feeling chronically fatigued.

    This usually occurs because there is a toxic overload within the body that blocks the flow of your life force which presents symptomatically with fatigue, lethargy, loss of excitement or vitality for life, poor digestion, aches and pains, and depression or anxiety.

    Fortunately, the human body is amazing and at its core being is the vital energy, which allows you to reverse the damage done once you return the harmony between the mind, …

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  • Work Toward Natural Heart Health the Ayurvedic Way

    While exercise is always recommended, Ayurveda cautions about not overdoing it and taking a moderate approach, as over-extending yourself can shorten your life span just as much as not exercising can. Many countries, especially Western countries, are sedentary, but all too often, people become obsessed with becoming thin. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to be in shape and wanting to take care of your body, it can be taken too far and turn dangerous to your health.

    The ancient science of life, Ayurveda, originated in India thousands of years ago and still uses the same principles of …

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  • Beating Physical, Emotional, and Mental Fatigue with Ayurveda

    Many people are frequent visitors to their doctor's office, desperately wanting to know why they are always so tired and what can be done to remedy this problem. However, western medicine usually cannot offer much, and still, for the most part, does not understand the cause of idiopathic fatigue or chronic fatigue. In most cases, if you consult with a conventional doctor with complaints of lack of energy and lethargy, you are subjected to a series of blood tests, only to walk out with a prescription for an anti-depressant. While depression may be an underlying factor for some, usually it is a …

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