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Category: Vata
  • Fast And Tasty Frittata

    Fast Frittata… yum tasty!
    Have you noticed your taste buds are looking for a little zing, or that you’re prefering to eat lighter? These are signs that your body is gradually transitioning from winter to spring and desires less of the heavier winter fare and more of the lighter spring foods.  Here is a tasty and gently cleansing meal to try this week.

    FAST FRITTATA – serves 2

    4 fresh eggs, 1/4 red onion finely chopped,1 Cup shredded spinach,
2 large potatoes or kumara (sweet potato) baked then cubed,
4 Cups steamed green vegetables of your choice,
cooking oil

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  • When’s A Good Time To Detox?

    Have you noticed how much smoother a car runs after it has had a tune up?  It can sometimes seem as if the car is new again!

    Just as our car does best with a regular service so also nature has coded within our physiology two times of the year when a tune up can make all the difference to how we feel and perform – the transition from winter to spring and the transition from summer to autumn.

    After a gentle Ayurvedic cleanse people often comment about how much more energy they have, how their aches and pains have gone, and how much happier they feel. It makes sense that a cleanse can bring …

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  • Foods For Autumn

    The change from summer to autumn is a period of time called Ritu Sandhi in Ayurveda. It refers to the gap between seasons. This is a delicate time for the digestion, because the doshas are fluctuating and digestive capacity can also waver. This time of fluctuation provides a natural opportunity to cleanse the body, and Ayurveda suggests that we make good use of the natural tendency of the body to cleanse itself.

    Keep it light and warm

    Maharishi Ayurveda recommends favoring lighter, warmer foods and skipping heavier foods during the few weeks when one season is changing into another. An …

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  • Why Happiness Starts in the Stomach

    In the USA 2004 documentary "Super Size Me", Morgan Spurlock decided to eat a steady diet of fast food for 30 days to see how it would affect his health. Although he and his doctors expected some changes, they were shocked by how quickly his skin turned sallow, his cholesterol levels and blood pressure skyrocketed and his weight shot up 27 pounds. Worse, his mood changed from one of vibrancy to depression.

    According to ayurveda, there is not only a direct connection between the food you eat and your health, but food affects your emotions, your happiness as well. You could even say that health …

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  • Organic Neem - The Wonder Tree of India

    Neem, the “wonder tree of India,” is known in Ayurveda as a detoxifier, and, in traditional use, it is considered a multifaceted support for skin health. A cleanser and blood purifier, dexterous neem supports clear and healthy skin and promotes general well-being.

    Neem has long been treasured in India for its many benefits, and all parts of the tree are used to support various aspects of wellness. For centuries, Indians have juiced neem leaves to achieve glowing skin, chewed neem bark to clean their teeth, used neem leaves as a natural bug repellent, and drank neem tea as a powerful …

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  • Travel Survival Kit for Vata

    Travel stimulates new ideas, creativity, and personal growth. A change of routine and surroundings brings a sense of freshness to our life and relationships.

    However, a change of routine also causes irregularity in the body and mind. Due to Vata's inherent mobile quality, travel tends to aggravate the Vata dosha. Made up of the air and space elements, Vata governs all movement in the body. It's responsible for movement of the muscles, elimination, respiration, heart rate, and the flow of thoughts and emotions. These essential functions have a natural, regular cycle. So, excess movement such …

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  • All About Me #2

    Your #1 Priority

    “Your body today is the result of your choices yesterday. Your body tomorrow will be the result of your choices today” 4000 year old Vedic saying.

    Chances are life is busy, right? Doing less to accomplish more and keeping it simple becomes particularly important when life is busy or demanding. That means it’s helpful to know the one most important choice you can make to balance Vata, Pitta or Kapha within you.

    So first let’s get started with a little knowledge and then review the one key choice for you below.

    About the Doshas

    • Ayurveda explains that underlying all of …

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  • All About Me #1

    I am unique

    Have you noticed…

    • Some people need 9 hours sleep a night, while others thrive on 7-8 hours sleep
    • Some people never put on weight no matter how much they eat, yet others just look at food and gain weight!
    • Some people thrive with vigorous exercise, while others find a walk is enough

    Such human differences are familiar to us all and highlight how unique we all are. Basically, because people are different their health and wellbeing needs do not fall into a one size fits all approach. That is why one diet approach may work for your friend yet be completely unsuitable for you.

    Your …

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  • Be a Vital Woman

    Within each of us is a natural glow of vitality and vibrant youthfulness – no matter our age.  Sometimes it can seem like a woman’s work is never done - and this natural vitality can become depleted leaving us feeling under-resourced physically, mentally or emotionally.

    This week we spotlight an amazing product called Vital Lady designed to help women feel composed on the inside and dynamic on the outside. It targets inner strength, energy and vitality.

    And because Vital Lady promotes stamina and resistance to day-to-day stress, it is the ideal choice for the woman who is juggling …

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  • Tips for Healthy, Happy Kids

    Every mother knows her child is unique and special; Ayurveda recognizes that as well. As the new year starts and children return to school it can be helpful to consider how to best support your child, grandchild, niece or nephew or friends child that you are close too. This week we aim to give you pointers to help support your young one in effective yet simple ways.

    To know Ayurveda is to know life.  The principles of an Ayurvedic lifestyle, combined with herbal remedies for kids, can be very beneficial to the emotional, physical and spiritual health of a child. There are two herbal …

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