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Blissful Sleep (MA1683)

Supports natural ability to fall asleep faster

  • Balances, nourishes and calms the mind, senses and nervous system
  • Slowly repairs any damage resulting from prolonged sleep problems
  • Co-ordinates the heart and mind for increased sense of well being and contentment
  • Formula includes traditional Ayurvedic sleep aids
  • Herbs to help boost resistance to stress

Blissful Sleep supports the mind and bodies natural ability to fall asleep faster resulting in a deeper, more refreshing sleep.

According to Maharishi Ayurveda, stress, frustration, heavy food and sensory overload are the culprits. If you're worried or agitated before bed, your mind stays connected to the senses, keeping them active. That's when you have trouble falling asleep - or if you do, your sleep is light and restless. It's when your mind is relaxed, and disconnects from the senses, that sleep is sound and deep.

Fortunately, new research conducted at the University of California at San Diego indicates that Blissful Sleep helps people fall asleep more quickly. The herbs in the Blissful Sleep formula produce a calming, balancing effect on the body, mind and emotions. You'll find sleep naturally becoming deeper and more restful.



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