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  • Radiant Skin

    Radiant Skin

    (MA926) Nourishes the skin and reduces internal toxins from improper digestion, the source of skin blemishes


  • Worry Free

    Worry Free

    (MA1401) Lack of focus, need more mental power? Stay relaxed, yet more focused and alert


  • Digest Tone Organic

    Digest Tone Organic

    (MA505) Our best-seller. Powerful tonic for the digestion and general health


  • Amrit Kalash Nectar

    Amrit Kalash Nectar

    (MA7) Enhances coordination of mental & physical function, antioxidant, supports balance of heart & brain


  • Rejuvenation Plus

    Rejuvenation Plus

    (MA631) Helps the body resist the effects of aging, supports cellular regeneration; enhances immunity & metabolism


  • Vata Tea Organic

    Vata Tea Organic

    (VTO) Our most popular tea, sweet and soothing, can help you stay calm and alert


  • Aci-Balance


    (MA320) Too much acidity or fire in the stomach? Helps balance stomach acidity and enhance digestion


  • Emotional Balance

    Emotional Balance

    (MA1123) Supports tranquility of mind and contentment. Helps balance mind and heart


  • Amrit Kalash Ambrosia

    Amrit Kalash Ambrosia

    (MA5) Powerful antioxidant - up to 1,000 times more effective than Vitamins C and E


  • Digest Plus

    Digest Plus

    (MA154) Appetite stimulant & digestive; helps balance digestive strength & support elimination


  • Stress Relief

    Stress Relief

    (MA686) Worried, fearful, anxious? Helps calm the mind and build resilience to stress and fatigue


  • Elim Tox O

    Elim Tox O

    (MA1663) Gently purifies liver and blood. Enhances absorption of nutrients


  • Blissful Joy

    Blissful Joy

    (MA1402) Uplift the emotions, naturally


  • Deep Rest

    Deep Rest

    (MA1684) APOLOGIES OUT OF STOCK - Helps with falling asleep more easily, and returning to sleep when awakened


  • Liver Care

    Liver Care

    (MA3579) Helps strengthen the liver so it can transform the foods we eat into pure blood and healthy cells


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What our customers are saying...


  • “I should take the opportunity to say how greatly impressed I always am by your business and the way you run it - your outstanding website, the service ethic that permeates all dealings with customers, the comprehensive and wise ayurvedic support, and the absence of "we should expect that decline as we get older".

    Dr Sam Wells

    Adelaide, Australia • March 2015


    • “Thanks for your prompt accurate and customer-friendly service together with this great product (Organic Vata Massage Oil). It ticks all the boxes for me, you couldn’t have done better! I appreciate the free shipping and your cheerfulness and helpfulness.

      Moira Aberdeen, Colourpuncturist, Koru Hub

      Wellington, New Zealand • January 2015



    • Menopause Vitality absolutely eases all my symptoms of menopause. I was getting terrible night sweats and they have stopped. I also have more energy. Try them, they are a lot better than others I have tried. I had HRT and the bio-identical ones and they both had terrrible side-effects for me. Allow a good month to six weeks to see results, then continue taking for 2-3 months" 

      Julie Stafford-Bush

      Auckland, New Zealand • May 2014


      • Midlife for Women 2 is a sensational product and I really know about it when I don't take it...!"

        Penny Litchfield

        NSW, Australia • April 2014


        • “Our labrador Pedro is taking Amrit Kalash Nectar one tablet per day, and has shown improved appetite, more alertness and general well-being (more mischievousness) – quite noticeable. He is 16 and a half years old...."

          Christopher and Pedro Wells

          South Australia • February 2014


          • “I've had excellent results with Joint Assist (MA572). I had very swollen knuckles and after about 2 months using it the swelling has reduced considerably. My right forefinger used to be bent and I was unable to straighten it. Now it is straight and the swelling has gone. I'm very happy".


            New Zealand • November 2013


            • “I want to tell you the Amrit Kalash Ambrosia and Nectar products truly changed my life. They really had (and are still having) a very positive effect on me. Best thing I have ever taken. Hope you never stop selling them. Thanks".

              Happy Customer (who wished to remain anonymous)

              Australia • July 2013


              • “Since taking the Be Trim Tea I noticed my sugar cravings dropped. When I eat sugary foods they no longer have the same satisfying 'Yum!' taste".

                Kerryn Moulton

                Auckland, New Zealand • July 2013


                • “Constipation was making my life miserable. Luckily I read your suggestion about taking Digest Tone. I tried it along with your recommendation for eating freshly stewed apple and prunes for breakfast and to my great relief this regimen has proved most effective in fixing the problem".


                  New Zealand • July 2013


                  • “I have been using Pitta Hair Oil for about a month. The best thing about it is my hair stopped falling out!
                    It's really nice to put on my head at bedtime and leave on overnight - it's cooling and helps settle the sleep. I notice now that my scalp is not so irritated by shampoos and conditioner. I used to get really tender spots on my scalp, but now these have also gone".


                    Auckland, New Zealand • May 2013


                    • I have told many of my acquaintances in my walking group, curling, aquacize, etc about your website and the extraordinary success that I have had, going from being severely debilitated with rheumatoid arthritis 2 years ago to the active almost 81 year old (young) that I am today. I ski, hike up to 300m elevation, am building a house, actively participate in volunteer groups and more. My cure, and it is a cure, owes much to Flexcel, really very much to Flexcel along with other herbs and potions, eliminating sugar and refined flour from my diet, and patience with an extremely painful and slow recovery. I have a container of 60 tabs, "just in case", but have not had to use it.

                      Eleanor Anderson

                      British Columbia, Canada • May 2013


                    • “I started taking the Be Trim 1 Booster Pack and so far my friends have noticed the weight I've lost during the first week of taking your products”

                      Diana Secuya

                      Queensland, Australia • April 2013


                    • “My name is Jacqueline Lang.  I am a 41 year old woman & I have Asperger’s Syndrome. I took one Maharishi Amrit Kalash Ambrosia & one Maharishi Amrit Kalash Nectar antioxidant tablet twice daily for one month. 
                      After just a week, I noticed that I was dealing with stressful situations & interactions with other people better, & that I seemed to be on a more 'even keel' mood-wise.  I also noticed that I had fewer bouts of gastric reflux & indigestion, as well as increased energy at times.
                      Now, after one month, I feel that they definitely helped to even out my moods & reduce my stress levels, which meant that I found socializing, communicating, & interacting with others easier.  A close friend also observed that the antioxidants appear to be helping me with these things”

                      Jaqueline Laing

                      Dunedin, New Zealand • February 2013


                    • “Three years ago I had an aortic valve replacement and since then I would often feel an irregular functioning around the heart, often with a high level of fatigue and difficulty. I thought I would try BP Balance (MA1779) and the symptoms virtually disappeared overnight”


                      Waihi Beach, New Zealand • January 2013


                    • “I so love to get your weekly email Insights, thanks for adding me to your list”


                      Queensland, Australia • November 2012


                    • “I've been using Joint Soothe II Oil (MA929) for 2 months now for my rheumatoid arthritis. When I put it on the joint it really soothes. I've tried other creams and preparations, but this one really seems to ease the pain best!”


                      Victoria, Australia • October 2012


                    • “My husband has recently been undergoing chemotherapy. We heard of the Maharishi Amrit Kalash products having scientific validation for supporting the immune system throughout this process, so we put him on the Amrit Ambrosia and Nectar tablets. He is coping well, still no signs of nausea or loss of appetite - he has actually gained 6kg in weight!”

                      Royal van der Werf

                      Perth, Australia • October 2012


                    • "My brain was tired and cloudy. I tried your Youthful Mind product and it removed all that and gave me a sharpness and clearness. My sense of humour returned. That tired mental mushy-ness was gone and the spontaneity was back!"

                      Peter G.

                      Auckland, New Zealand • August 2012


                    • “I am very, very happy with the products you recommended...I've been taking them for less than a week and what a difference that made, again thank you so much!!!! I will recommend you guys to everybody, I'm in a customer service business, I deal with a lot of people and I will let everybody know how wonderful your products are! Again, thank you!!! ”

                      Vickie Alba

                      California, USA • July 2011


                    • “Thanks so much I just love all the products and think your website is excellent & that the personalized way you handle all enquiries is also excellent. Even though it is all done by email I feel like someone is genuinely looking after me rather than being just another ‘number’ that generates an automatic generic email. It can be hard to develop a sense of loyalty to a company especially when all communication is done without actually speaking to someone in person. But I feel the service you provide does that. Keep up the great work.. ”

                      Karen Bradley

                      Sydney, Australia • May 2011


                    • “Last month I visited my dentist of 15 years. He inspected my mouth and said “What have you been doing? Your oral health is the best it has ever been.” My Maharishi Ayurveda physician told me that when digestion and overall health are put into balance oral and dental health naturally improve. I’ve been using these products for 18 months and I’m delighted with the results I’m getting. ”


                      Sydney, Australia • June 2011


                    • Value

                      Healthy Happy Digestion

                      “I am experiencing noticeable results with taking digest tone. My metabolism seems to have increased, I have become much more regular, lost some weight over the first few months and now am maintaining a healthy weight. I feel healthier and look healthier. This is an awesome product.”

                      Renee • 16 June 2010


                    • “Enjoying the products I bought. They are pleasant to taste and seem to be helping. Thank you very much. ”

                      Roz • Oct 2010


                    • Value

                      Clear, healthy skin

                      “I am in my early thirties and over the years I have tried just about everything to get rid of pimples from general consumer products to Doctor prescribed medications to infomercial products. Some have worked better than others but I had never found a product that actually worked and that was also good for my health... until I was recommended this product. I take radiant skin in conjunction with Digest tone and my skin has cleared up and actually is radiant. On taking radiant skin in the first couple of months I did have a few breakouts and assume that was the system eliminating the toxins etc but now a few months later, I no longer suffer acne break outs and I feel healthier in general and look healthier and of course, happier! I highly recommend this product!”

                      Renee • 16 June 2010


                    • BP Balance (MA1779)

                      “I just wanted to let you know that when I went to see my Doctor my BP was 20 lower on both measurements and is the lowest for years and that is after 3 weeks of taking it. ”

                      Heather • July 2010


                    • Pitta Body Lotion

                      “I used Maharishi Ayurveda Body Lotion for sensitive skin when I had very itchy legs. Itching generally comes two or three times a day and lasts for a long time. The moment I use Maharishi body lotion it (the itching) stops almost immediately which is such a relief. I also found using the lotion prevented the itching coming on so frequently. ”

                      T Rajasingham • Nov 2010




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