5 Reasons to Undergo an Herbal Body Detoxification

Date Posted:24 January 2011 

Feeling lethargic? Experiencing bloating or gas? Does your skin seem dull or oily? “What’s wrong with me?” you may ask. Here are 5 reasons to undergo an herbal body detoxification for a healthier life.

1: Boosting Energy Levels

Detoxing restores depleted energy levels by eliminating the toxins that accumulate in the liver, kidneys and other parts of the body. Too many toxins can make you feel tired and sluggish--both mentally and physically. According to Maharishi Ayurveda practices, one of the types of toxins are environmental toxins, such as those found in food grown with chemicals and pesticides, packaged foods that are full of additives and preservatives and polluted air or water. This type of toxin can be greatly reduced by eating a diet of healthy, organic foods, drinking plenty of pure water and avoiding air pollution as much as possible.

2: Supporting immunity

A detox can help prevent disease. Maharishi Ayurveda practices identify a toxin called ama, which is the result of poor digestive function. When the digestive system is overloaded, there is a greater risk of disease in all areas of the body. Junk food, poor eating habits, and foods the body cannot tolerate can all overwhelm the digestive system, especially the liver. By using natural detox remedies, the digestive system has a chance to heal.

3: Better Digestion

Detoxing improves the digestion by removing waste from the intestines, bowel and tissues. It enables the conversion of food to muscle and bone instead of fat. This is why many people, following a period of detoxing, experience far less bloating and gas.

4: Healthier Skin

Your skin will improve following a detox. The skin is a reflection of what is going on inside the body, so inner health translates to clearer, brighter, healthier skin. As soon as you start to feel better, your appearance will improve.

5: It's Easy & Safe - so no excuse!

It is easy and safe to detox. By following the directions on our herbal remedies and detox vitamins, you can be sure that you are cleansing your body in a reliable yet gentle way. You do not need to make any drastic lifestyle changes, apart from being as natural and healthy as you can. We can help you follow a full body detox that will bring completely natural results.

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