Amrit and Asperger Syndrome

Date Posted:27 February 2013 

We had a call from a lady called Jacqueline who had heard of our product Maharishi Amrit Kalash and was keen to know if it was available. When asked where she had heard about it, she told us she had Asperger Syndrome and had read about Amrit in a book entitled “Aspergirls – Empowering Females with Asperger Syndrome”.

The book’s author, Rudy Simone, speaks of her experience with Maharishi Amrit and it’s effects on Asperger Syndrome.

She poses that “autism is initially caused by a compromised digestive system which allows toxins from the environment and food to get into the bloodstream and impact brain development at crucial stages”.

The Offer of Amrit

Rudy Simone continues “Merely by chance I heard of a product called Amrit that was purported to be the most powerful antioxidant in the world, with claims of a very positive impact on digestive problems. It also claimed to improve health of mind, brain and nerves; increase vitality and inner strength; enhance coordination of mental and physical functions, and more – all things which seem relevant and useful to an autistic. The company (MAPI, USA) generously donated a two months’ supply to 12 of us. I gave the supplements – Amrit Nectar and Amrit Ambrosia – to the women on condition they keep a journal of stomach health, moods/anxiety levels, and meltdowns.”

Taking the Amrit

“What I found when I took the supplement and what the participating Aspergirls found was an almost immediate evening out of mood, with a noticeable cessation of anxiety. Some of us got a slightly euphoric feeling, as if we’d taken an antidepressant.  While it started out well, in a very short time most of us began to suffer digestive problems which ranged from glass-like pain and constipation, to diarrhea and hemorrhoids.”

Adjusting the dose

“Autistic people need lower doses of drugs and supplements as our bodies are too sensitive. Some cannot even take a multivitamin without becoming sick. The remaining participants decreased our dose from two of each tablet, to less than one each per day.  The company added another natural product to ease the digestion problems and it worked. We were soon able to take the supplements without those side effects.

Positive outcome

The trial lasted two months. Those who stuck with it felt more even keel, had a decrease in the number and nature of mood swings and meltdowns. Some experienced a decrease in anxiety with a decrease in the need to stim. Some could handle social situations and interactions a little better. This was not a scientific, clinically controlled study and I do not purport it as such, but I do think the results were positive.”

Jaqueline reports

After taking the Maharishi both Amrit Ambrosia and Nectar Jaqueline had the following to say: “My name is Jacqueline Lang.  I am a 41 year old woman and I have Asperger’s Syndrome. I took one Maharishi Amrit Kalash Ambrosia and one Maharishi Amrit Kalash Nectar antioxidant tablet, twice daily for one month.

After just a week, I noticed that I was dealing with stressful situations and interactions with other people better, and that I seemed to be on a more 'even keel' mood-wise. I also noticed that I had fewer bouts of gastric reflux and indigestion, as well as increased energy at times.

Now, after one month, I feel that they definitely helped to even out my moods and reduce my stress levels, which meant that I found socializing, communicating and interacting with others easier. A close friend also observed that the antioxidants appear to be helping me with these things.”

If you have any experiences to relate from using Maharishi Amrit Kalash we would love to hear from you

The Get Balance Team

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