Asthma - a helping hand

Date Posted:10 October 2012 

What causes breathing to become labored? Is there anything one can do to reduce laboured breathing?

Asthma begins in the digestive system not in the lungs according to Ayurveda. By understanding how asthma comes about one can intervene with symptoms at an earlier stage and thereby greatly reduce occurrence and severity. Now wouldn’t that be useful!

When excess dryness, heat or moisture arise in the digestive system and mix with impurities from partial or incomplete digestion it can cause:

  • Dryness which shrinks the bronchial trees leading to poor circulation.
  • Increased heat causing the bronchia to be more reactive causing a build up of impurities clogging the bronchia generating excessive thirst and interior heat - Breathing can be difficult.
  • Increased mucous when lubrication or moisture balance becomes disturbed and mixes with impurities clogging the system - Allergic bronchitis is likely.

What to do?

The following herbals, diet and lifestyle tips can help make a big difference!

First keep your digestion strong and remove impurities that have built up from incomplete digestion. Having a daily bowel motion that is formed and easy to pass is essential. Second reduce what is excessive - dryness, heat or increased moisture. Third strengthen your immunity and reduce allergic responses.

Diet and lifestyle tips

  • It's especially important to avoid extreme fluctuations in temperature or the taste of foods.
  • Take a bit of fresh ginger before meals.
  • Cook with a moderate amount of turmeric, cumin and clove.
  • Avoid heavy, cold foods, an excess of sweet tasting foods -- or any foods that only have one extreme taste. Have the main meal of the day at lunchtime when digestive strength is strongest and take a light evening meal by 6-7pm.
  • Take Clear Throat as a preventative daily.
  • If excess dryness is strong take Breathe Easy 1. If exccess heat or thirst is present take Flucol Defence and Aller Defence.If excess moisture or mucous is present take Congest Assist.
  • If an allergic reaction is involved, then also take Aller Defence.
  • Do a daily oil massage before showering.
  • If bowel movements are less than daily or difficult to pass take Digest Tone 2-4 tablets prior bed.

Ayurvedic tip

From an Ayurvedic perspective increased dryness indicates an imbalance of Vata dosha; heat and thirst indicates an imbalance of Pitta dosha; and increased moisture or phlegm indicates an increase of Kapha dosha. As lungs are a moist area they are the primary site of Kapha in the body. Following the diet and lifestyle tips above will help to restore overall balance.

We are happy to answer any questions about your specific needs via our Ask the Expert free service.

Please note: This ayurvedic information is education. It does not replace medical advice or treatments.

The Get Balance Team

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