Ayurvedic Healing: Finding the Fountain of Youth Within

Date Posted:6 June 2012 

It does not take very long flipping through channels on the television or through the pages of magazines to see how much of an obsession there is to look younger. However, all the Botox, face fillers, lotions, and creams in the world will not do anything to make your true self feel younger or lead a fulfilling life. That must begin on the inside. The fountain of youth is not in some far mystical land; it lies within your self.

Aging is going to Happen, But You Can Choose How

Aging is inevitable, everybody knows it, but one can choose to age gracefully, healthily, and still with an inner sense of vitality that reflects on the outside. Appearance may give you a false sense of vitality, for a little while, but that soon fades away until you stumble on the next so-called cure to erasing the wrinkles of time. Appearance is not the true key to vitality; awareness is, however. Ayurvedic healing and increasing vitality and longevity starts on the inside and harmonizes the mind, body, and spirit connection if one is willing to focus on their lifestyle and make the appropriate changes.

Ayurvedic Nutrition

The concept of Ayurvedic nutrition dates back over five thousand years and philosophizes that poor nutrition drains prana, builds up toxic ama, and is the root of disease. Modern nutrition has a tendency to offer one size fits all diets and only concentrates on the body. The most important aspect of Ayurvedic nutrition is that it has always had an individualized approach, the same holds true for Ayurvedic healing as well.

The first step to Ayurvedic nutrition is having your dosha-type analyzed so you know how to eat and prepare food to maintain balance in your constitution. Each person is made up of a certain combination of doshas; most people are predominant in one type, although they may exude characteristics of more than one dosha. The three dosha types are Vata, Kapha, and Pitta, and depending on what your dosha type is, your diet will vary greatly. It is essential that you learn and come to understand your dosha type for Ayurvedic healing and nutrition. Once you begin to nourish your dosha-type properly and arrive at a place where you can begin to maintain rather than correct the balance, your mental, emotional, and spiritual health will improve drastically, and this will show on your appearance as well.

Ayurvedic Healing

Healing cannot begin without clearing out harmful and damaging toxins. The human body was miraculously designed to retain what is needed and eliminate what is not. The main channels the body uses for elimination are the lungs, skin, bladder, and colon, which are supported by the lymph and circulatory systems. These elimination routes are automatic, meaning they will do their job with or without help; however, when you properly support, cleanse, and nourish them, they will work at their optimal best.

When the body is clogged with ama, the sticky toxic residue produced by ill-functioning bodily systems, your energy is drained, and you will feel stagnant and lethargic. It also shows in your appearance by sapping your natural glow and reducing that spring in your step. An ama-clogged body will affect the spirit and mind, as well manifesting as a loss of enthusiasm and zest for life, feelings of sadness or hopelessness, and nervousness and anxiety.

Juice fasts, water fasts, enemas, and body cleanses are all great tools for cleansing ama out of the body, but if old habits continue to reign, the results gained by cleansing will be short-lived. The best way to remain feeling like you are on top of the world and looking as young as you feel is by a whole body approach and choosing to live in a way that prevents accumulating ama from the get go.

Tips to Unlocking Your Inner Fountain of Youth

One of the best ways to approach Ayurvedic healing and living is by starting your day off slowly. Start by going to bed at an appropriate time, so you can train your body to awaken with the sun rather than the jarring sound of an alarm. This will start all your bodily systems the right way.

Eat with an Ayurvedic nutrition mindset. Eat right for your dosha-type and eat to live rather than living to eat. Stay away from processed, junk foods made with artificial chemicals and genetically modified organisms. Eat foods that are as close to their natural state as possible and choose organic foods whenever you can.

Find ways to laugh. Laughter really is medicine, and it can awaken your spirit and make you look and feel younger when you adopt a positive attitude.

Get adequate rest emotionally, mentally, and physically. Everybody needs time to recharge before they become depleted. It is not a weakness; it is providing your inner self with the proper support.

Be active and exercise, at least a little every single day. Exercising outside whenever possible is also highly beneficial, allowing you to get in touch with nature as you get your lymph and circulatory systems moving.

Drink plenty of water as water helps eliminate ama and get prana flowing properly throughout the body. It will help eliminate wrinkles, dry skin, and give your appearance that nice, healthy glow.

The key to unlocking the fountain of youth is within your reach. Become aware of your body and its needs. Nourish from within, and you will see it in your appearance as well.

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