Balancing Meal Plan

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Always start the day with breakfast - Do not skip breakfast. At least have a stewed or baked apple or pear with prunes, raisins or figs to start your day. This provides easily digestible nutrition and helps increase your appetite for lunch.

If you have a strong appetite then also have a bowl of cooked whole-grain cereal. Make your cereal with milk or soy milk and add ground nuts for extra protein if you find you get hungry well before lunch.

Make lunch the main meal of the day.  If you eat non-vegetarian foods such as meat, poultry, fish, or seafood and curdled foods such as cheese, cottage cheese, or yogurt, take them at lunchtime and favour vegetarian options for the evening meal to support cleansing and aid balancing.


Include whole grains, freshly cooked vegetables, and a concentrated source of protein (lentils, chickpeas, or other legume; tofu or other soy; fresh cheese; nuts/seeds: non-vegetarian entree; etc.).  Take mainly cooked foods for lunch, though you may have a small amount of salad on the side if you wish.

Afternoon Snack
Best options are fresh fruit, dried fruits, nuts, unleavened crackers, boiled warm milk or soy milk, or rice cakes.

This is the time to have light, easy-to-digest foods such as cooked grains, cooked vegetables, and soups, including legume soups such as lentils. Avoid non-vegetarian foods (such as poultry, meat, fish) and cheese at the evening meal.

Bedtime Snack
Do you get hungry prior bed? If yes, try warm milk or soy milk boiled with a pinch of cinnamon, carĀ­damom, or ginger, or hot cereal made with plenty of water. 

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