Be a Vital Woman

Date Posted:24 January 2013 

Within each of us is a natural glow of vitality and vibrant youthfulness – no matter our age. Sometimes it can seem like a woman’s work is never done - and this natural vitality can become depleted leaving us feeling under-resourced physically, mentally or emotionally.

This week we spotlight an amazing product called Vital Lady designed to help women feel composed on the inside and dynamic on the outside. It targets inner strength, energy and vitality.

And because Vital Lady promotes stamina and resistance to day-to-day stress, it is the ideal choice for the woman who is juggling career, home and social life. Could this be what you need, or the lady in your life needs?

This potent formula work synergistically to strengthen mind, body and spirit. It can help you:

  • Stay composed inside while meeting the daily demands of home and job.
  • Support your skin’s youthful glow and vitality
  • Maintain a healthy libido
  • Improve or maintain physical stamina and performance
  • Strengthen the reproductive system and balance hormonal flow.

When taken in combination with Energy Plus and Smooth Cycle Tea it helps to address symptoms of pre–menstrual tension (PMT) and helps to ease menstrual discomfort.

How does it work?

The twenty-five powerful Ayurvedic herbs in Vital Lady are specially targeted for the female nervous system. This formula revitalizes the seven types of body tissue, supports cell regeneration, balances hormones and emotions, and boosts digestion, elimination and purification.

When Energy Plus is taken along with Vital lady it helps to make food more wholesome and supports the potency of other preparations that are taken along with it. That means… better results faster!

3 Steps to Vitality

  1. Take Vital Lady 1-2 tablets twice daily  before meals (15-30 minutes) with a little warm water.
  2. Take Energy Plus 1-2 tablets twice daily before meals with Vital Woman.
  3. Pamper yourself daily, or as often as you can with a full body self massage using relaxing Vata Massage Oil or soothing Pitta Massage oil.

In addition do what you know works for you!

Eat well, be active most days, be in bed by 10pm, 5 or more nights a week and take time to relax, laugh, love and de-stress. If not already aware of the benefits and effectiveness of meditation take some time to learn about the TM programme which is super effective at reducing mental, physical and emotional stress.

We encourage you to take time out from your work and home responsibilities to nurture yourself. You deserve it!

If you need to find a reason to spend time and money on yourself consider the Ayurvedic wisdom that says “A happy vital woman is the centre of a happy family”. Looking at it from this perspective when you pamper yourself you are pampering your family!

The Get Balance Team 

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