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Date Posted:10 September 2013 

As the warmer weather arrives have you felt that your waist feels a little fuller and your clothes a little tighter? Or is the thought of reducing those extra kilos that have miraculously come on over the last few years more forefront in your awareness?

As the idea of warmer weather conjures up the image of less clothing and maybe even a swim, the motivation to shed those few extra kilos becomes more urgent. According to Maharishi Ayurveda certain mind-body types have a natural disposition to gain weight. Also, as one ages an increase of weight around the middle can happen to all body types, if exercise levels drop while food intake remains the same.

Are you ready to take action to reduce your weight or waistline? If so, here’s a simple plan to help you get started.

Be Trim Action Plan

Weight gain is all about a surplus of energy (from food and drink) that is converted into body fat. Nature is after all very considerate and any excess is stored against a possible famine. This is not generally a modern day issue for most of us, but nature has a long memory and 1000 years ago that extra layer could have meant our survival in lean times.

Now that you don't really need that extra layer it's time to burn it off to provide energy for your day-to-day needs. As the process of burning stimulates energy and lifts your mood, you are likely to feel better and look good too.

There are three commitments we ask you make:

1. Commit to being active each day for 30 minutes or more. 

If you are already active then keep it up and look at what resistance training exercise you are doing, as building muscle increases metabolic burn and that means faster and easier progress. If you are new to exercise then start small with 3 exercise bites of 5-10 minutes at a time. Build from 15-30 minutes of moving about, as your fitness allows. Breathe comfortably through the nose and see the bigger picture. Just getting moving is an achievement so congratulate yourself as you get started.

2. To kick start your weight reduction

  • Drink Be Trim TeaTake 1-2 sips  (1/4 to 1/2 a cup if thirsty) every half hour or so. Helps to reduce cravings and false feelings of hunger and can help curb unnecessary day or night snacking.
  • Take Be Trim 1 tablets  (if you have a normal appetite) or Be Trim 2 tablets  (if you have a strong appetite). They help balance fat metabolism and slow down carbohydrate absorption, while boosting digestion and assimilation.
  • Take Digest Tone 1 tablet before each meal and take 2 at bedtime if you have a tendency for constipation.
  • If you have a tendency for strong blood sugar fluctuations especially when reducing weight, then Gluco Balance is a friend for you. It aids healthy sugar metabolism and healthy blood glucose levels and can make reducing weight an easier process.

3.  Favour a Kapha Pacifying Diet

Not all food is created equal. Weight gain indicates that Kapha dosha has increased beyond healthy levels for you. Where you can, favour Kapha balancing foods and avoid Kapha aggravating foods. See the Kapha Pacifying Food List >>

Theresa's Story...

"I started off taking Be Trim tablets, but not regularly as I'd miss some doses. I didn't really see any change. I was also inconsistent with my exercise.

Then, with clean eating, exercising 2-3 times a week, my Maharishi Ayurveda consultant suggested I take the Be Trim tablets as per instructions and combine it with Digest Tone.

I saw a gradual decrease in my weight over 6 weeks, then I hit a plateau - my weight remained constant without further loss. On advice, I doubled the dose of both tablets and the weight decrease continued. I have now lost 8.5kg over 8 weeks. Consistency is key, along with taking your prescribed dosage each day"

So take the plunge and get started today. We are here to help as we are committed to your ongoing wellbeing.  Let us know how you are doing so we can cheer you and support your success.  Ask Us >>

The Get Balance Team

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