Beautiful gifts for Xmas

Date Posted:27 November 2012 

Are you hearing Christmas bells now that it is only a few weeks away?

What's neat about Christmas is the chance to show our love to special people in our lives.

To help you do just that we have put together a gift pack to delight your loved ones.

If your loved one is

  • Quick moving, lively and imaginative person, who likes change and variety? Then they are more Vata. When out of balance they may appear changeable, indecisive, anxious, have spells of forgetfulness and tendency to dry skin. Balancing Vata creates energy, clarity and creativity, while decreasing restlessness and anxiety… Choose this pack>>
  • Hardworking perfectionist who is goal oriented and a natural leader? Then they are more Pitta. If out of balance they may be prone to overwork, have a ravenous appetite, become critical, with a tendency to frustration and anger. Balancing Pitta creates improved concentration and digestion while reducing irritability and impatience... Choose this pack>>
  • Naturally relaxed and easy going with physical strength and stamina? Then they are more Kapha. When out of balance they may feel lethargic, complacent or slow moving, prone to easy weight gain, congestion, with an oily skin. Balancing Kapha creates increased strength and endurance and decreases lethargy and low mood states… Choose this pack>>

Tips: Look out for next weeks insight in which we share some very effective Ayurvedic tips for coping with late nights! The following week the theme is how to digest the festive season so you can really enjoy it. Keep a look out for these helpful tips as you prepare for a great Xmas.

Warm regards

The Get Balance Team 

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