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Author: Linda Sinden   Date Posted:8 June 2021 

When going to sleep, staying asleep or getting enough sleep becomes difficult, life becomes hard. Kate first presented feeling anxious, frightened, overwrought and unable to get quality sleep over the past 6 months. At her wits end, Kate was only sleeping 2-3 hours a night and sometimes not at all.

What Kate did to fix it!
Kate turned to Maharishi Ayurveda to understand what was happening and to find a way to sleep better and to help soothe her other symptoms.

Unknowingly Kate had severely aggravated Vata dosha with a diet of primarily cold and raw foods during the winter season, mental pressure of study and an irregular pattern of living. As her inner balance started to drop away it gave rise to a lack of inner stability, her natural rhythms became impaired leading to skin breakouts, menstrual problems, head pressure, overactive mind, waking in the night, anxiety and panic along with terror when she thought about sleeping.

  • First we used a combination of herbs to help settle Vata Prana.
  • Kate also adopted some key lifestyle choices that help to settle Vata dosha.

Worry Free (MA107)
Take 2 tablets 30-60 minutes after breakfast and evening meals.
Worry Free helps to

  • Calm the mind and emotions and promote deeper sleep
  • Increase resistance to stress and provides natural support for everyday tensions
  • Strengthen the brain’s ability to cope with anxiety-producing, stress-related situations and reduces irritability
  • Enhance brain nutrition, clarity of mind, adaptability, ability to focus and brain regeneration  
  • Vata, Pitta and Kapha balancing

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Slumber Time Tea
Drink a strong cup  15-30 minutes before bed.

The soothing herbs and spices in Slumber Time Tea help relax the mind-body connection for a better quality of sleep, so you can get the rest you deserve. Includes Cardamom, Licorice Root and Spearmint.

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Stress Relief (MA686)
Take 2 -3 tablets when taking the Slumber Time Tea.
Support quality sleep with this nourishing and strengthening formula which increases calm, helps to reduce anxiety and worry and aids great sleep. It is a tonic for all ages.

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LIfestyle Tips
In addition Kate

  • Favored warm, freshly cooked seasonal fruit and vegetables. She stopped favoring cold and raw foods as she understood they were aggravating the Vata qualities within her, especially as it was winter time. 
  • Adopted a regular daily routine of bedtime between 6-10 PM when the heavier qualities of Kapha help to ensure a deep sleep, and rising time 6-6.30 AM.
  • Adopted regular meal times, made lunch her main meal of the day and drank Vata tea which had a deeply settling effect for her.
  • Ate with full attention, without reading, or using the phone, computer or tablet.
  • Practiced Transcendental Meditation in the morning before breakfast and late afternoon.
  • Gave herself a full body oil massage using Vata Massage Oil most days before her morning shower.
  • Paid attention to when she felt drowsy in the evening and went to bed no later than 10 pm..
  • Allow time for the changes to work their magic while she adopted a gentle, kind and loving attitude towards herself.
  • Adopted an easy state of mind.. “If I had a night of disrupted sleep, I let it go as everyone can have that sometimes.”

How Kate is now
Kate recently shared “Now when I wake, I feel fresh, clear and alert. I open the curtains and see the sun, I feel gratitude without actually trying to be grateful. It just arises within me naturally. I have a good sleep most often now, and I appreciate it so much more. My other physical symptoms have resolved too!”  

When asked what she would say to someone with a sleep concern she said “know it is your birthright to sleep and if it’s not happening, then something needs to be addressed. Find out what it is and address it, then the normal rhythm of sleep can be restored once again and other symptoms settle too. If I did it, then you can too!”

To help soothe Vata in order to support quality sleep an easy first step is to take Worry Free, Slumber Time Tea and Stress Relief. Then consider the lifestyle tips one easy step at a time.

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Wishing you the bliss of balance and the joy of a regular good night’s sleep.

Linda Sinden has been a practising Maharishi Ayurveda Consultant since 1990 and is a regular contributor to our weekly Insights. She has a practice in Auckland, New Zealand and also provides phone or Skype sessions for those who need assistance, but don’t have a consultant in their vicinity.

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