Checklist for Dad

Date Posted:22 August 2012 

It’s time to celebrate our dads with some extra special attention…

This week we spotlight Dad – the unsung hero who shares his strength and support, often selflessly. As you prepare for Father’s Day we suggest you return this love and care with some loving attention of your own. To help, here is a checklist of ways to care for Dad!


Gift of wellbeing

Energy and Vitality

“Smooth as” skin

Happy and stress-free

Healthy heart

Happy Prostate

Youthful Mind


Gift of Wellbeing - Maharishi Amrit Kalash

This remarkable ancient formulation helps to maintain the health and functioning of the entire physiology – increasing longevity, memory and intelligence, enhancing immunity, elevating energy levels, decreasing the effects of aging and enhancing overall well-being.

  • Helps to keeps arteries healthy
  • Feeds the brain and helps reduce stress
  • Boosts immunity
  • Effective detox and powerful antioxidant

The latest research shows that one gram of Amrit Ambrosia is more effective against free radicals than 1,000 grams of vitamin C or E. It takes 250 meticulous steps to prepare. Twenty-two pounds of raw ingredients are required to produce a single jar of the Amrit Nectar. The herbs are slow-cooked to protect vital nutrients from high temperatures. This precise adherence to tradition and detail ensures that you get an authentic product of unparalleled quality.

Amrit Kalash is an Ayurvedic Herbal Masterpiece and a true gift to your Dad! b

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Energy and Vitality

We can all do with more energy and vitality in the body and mind. Premium Amla Berry is the most sought-after fruit of Ayurvedic herbals. This fruit is considered a powerful ayurvedic elixir that promotes health, longevity and overall balance for all body types. It aids cell renewal, strengthens the lungs and is especially nourishing for muscular development, digestion, skin and eyes. If your dad likes to be fit it also supports fitness and development of lean muscle. Go for it Dad!

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Smooth As – After shave moisturiser or rejuvenator

If your dad shaves then the Pitta soothing mosturiser or revitalizing cream for dryness or mature skins will be appreciated.

  • Soothing Pitta Skin Care Cream helps to moisturise, protect and soothes normal to sensitive skin. Give Dad the moisturiser on its own or a full Face Care Pack and you will get a whopping 32% discount.
  • Reviatlising Cream formulated to help soften and nourish a more dry or maturing skin.

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Happy and Stress Free

As winter moves onto spring it can be helpful to give the brain a boost and the nervous system a helping hand. Prolonged exposure to stress can put the mind and body into a sustained flight/fight response, which leads to nervous system fatigue. To give your dad a helping hand choose one or more of the following:

  • Stress Relief is a general tonic and adaptogen - helping the mind and body adapt to stress.
  • Blissful Joy is great for giving a lift to the mood. It helps uplift the emotions, improves emotional stability and helps to alleviate sadness & feelings of frustration.
  • As sleep is crucial for stress resilience if Dad needs a hand to sleep better –
    • Blissful Sleep will help him go to sleep more easily.
    • Deep Rest is best if he wakes in the middle of the night and has difficulty going back to sleep.

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Healthy Heart

Our heart is an amazing organ. On average it beats 100,000 times in a single day — that’s 36.5 million beats in just one year! Keeping the channels open and clear is essential particularly with the increase of fats in the modern diet. Here are two herbals that help to strengthen and cleanse the cardiovascular channels:

Healthy Heart is formulated to support the healthy regular function of our physical heart. The powerful herbs include:

  • Arjuna (Arjuna myrobalan) providing support and nourishment to the cardiac muscles
  • Yashtimadhu (licorice) and Jatamansi (Musk root supports the body's resistance to stress, anxiety and fatigue

Cholesterol Protection helps to balance the ratio of good & bad cholesterol by supporting the body’s ability to properly metabolize fats. If Dad is a little overweight or has been diagnosed with increased cholesterol he may be surprised how efficient this herbal is!

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Happy Prostate

After the age of 40, a decrease in testosterone levels can cause the prostate gland to enlarge, leading to obstruction in the flow of urine and increased potential for infection. Enter here the help of Prostate Protection as a preventative or to help relieve symptoms:

  • Prostate Protection - This blend of 18 herbs, minerals and fruits helps improve the quantity and quality of reproductive fluid, boosts immunity and enhances resistance to infection.

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Youthful Mind

Mental functioning can fade with age. And even young people can experience inhibited mental functioning due to excessive strain and fatigue. Youthful Mind is a precise blend of Indian Pennywort (Gotu-kola), Licorice and Indian Tinospora (Heart-leaved Moonseed) that works synergistically to rejuvenate the mind, enhance memory, increase alertness and develop resilience to the effects of mental stress — regardless of age.

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The Get Balance Team 

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