Eating Natural Foods: Why Dark Green Leafy Vegetables Are Important

Date Posted:24 March 2012 

The importance of eating enough fruits and vegetables every day is undisputed. Even doctors who do not believe in Ayurveda understand that 60% of a person’s diet should consist of fruits and vegetables. However, as everyone knows, there are various types of vegetables, and each vegetable provides certain minerals and vitamins that others do not. Anyone who specializes in Ayurvedic foods will tell you that eating dark green leafy vegetables every single day is imperative if one wants to stay in good health. These vegetables contain a wealth of vitamins and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, and vitamins A, K, B1, and B2.

What Do the Greens Do?

Some dark green leafy vegetables that one will want to make a regular part of his or her diet are bok choy, sorrel, turnip greens, kale, Swiss chard, spinach, and collard greens. Besides providing the above mentioned nutrients, these greens will also help to hydrate the body. This statement is something that would surprise many people, as there is a common misconception that water is the only substance that can provide hydration to one’s body. While water is very important, the fact is that dark green leafy vegetables contain juices that help to provide some hydration to one’s body. These juices also purify the shrotas, which are subtle channels in the body that help to keep the body healthy and functioning properly. Furthermore, the juices found in these particular vegetables boost one’s physiology and restore prana.

Those who are concerned about looking and feeling youthful will want to eat at least one dark green leafy vegetable every single day. These vegetables are known to contain a high level of antioxidants, which help the skin to have a youthful appearance. Furthermore, because these vegetables contain high level of vitamin A, they are also recommended for those who have skin conditions.

Dark green leafy vegetables are also imperative to balancing out the doshas. The pitta, kapha, and vata doshas must be balanced out in the body or one will experience health problems such as constipations, indigestions, and overall fatigue. Most people have one prevalent dosha; furthermore, the seasons of the year can cause a particular dosha to come to the fore. Leafy greens help to balance out all of the above mentioned doshas.

Shopping and Preparation Tips

Eating natural foods is much better than eating processed foods or pre-prepared foods. While one can buy a bag of frozen chopped spinach at the local supermarket, it is best to buy fresh, organic vegetables when possible. The vegetables should be fresh and the leaves should be moist. If the stems are tough, then cut these off and slice the vegetables into bite size pieces. However, if the stems are not overly tough, then simply cook the leaves whole.

Spinach, bok choy, and other greens can be fried in ghee or olive oil. Some good spices to add to these greens include ginger, cumin, and salt. It is also important to allow these vegetables to cook for a sufficient length of time. Frying vegetables, unlike boiling them, does not cause the vegetables to lose their vitamins.

A person who wants to give his or her health a boost should be sure to eat at least one dark green leafy vegetable every single day. These vegetables contain the vitamins and minerals one needs to be strong, healthy, and in good physical shape. One should buy the vegetables from an organic food store if at all possible and then cook them as outlined above. These vegetables, along with other Ayurvedic foods, when consumed daily, will have a significantly positive impact on one’s health, appearance, and energy levels.

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