How to Reduce & Eliminate Ama

Avoiding Causative Factors by following the guidelines relating to proper diet, proper intake of food and balanced digestion, especially the following:
  • Avoid overeating.
  • Avoid eating until the previous meal is digested.
  • Make lunch the main meal of the day.
  • Eat warm cooked meals. Avoid large amounts of raw food; ripe fruit is good.
  • Have a light supper.
  • Take less ice-cold beverages and food, especially if Agni (digestive Fire) is not strong or it is a cold season.
  • Avoid Tamasic foods (non- life supporting foods eg. leftovers, highly processed foods, fast foods, foods with artificial ingredients or additives).
  • Favour a Sattvic diet ie. lacto-vegetarian diet. If eating meat, have it at lunchtime when it can be most easily digested.
  • Avoid eating too quickly.
  • Eat with full attention on the meal (Avoid reading, watching TV, etc while eating).
  • Avoid emotional upsets during meal times.
  • Take heavier, less easily digested foods (eg fried foods, salads) in moderate quantities and when the digestive fire is strongest – at the midday meal or at the beginning of a meal.

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