Exercise...no one size fits all

Date Posted:10 April 2012 

Some people love vigorous exercise to build up a sweat, while others don't. Which are you?

See below to identify your Ayurvedic exercise profile, then see the tips to help maximise your enjoyment and the return on your exercise.

Does this sound like you...?

  • I need motivation to begin exercise and do best when exercising with a friend
  • I enjoy working up a sweat when exercising
  • I like to sleep and can have difficulty getting up early
  • I am naturally relaxed and even, or slow in my movements

If so, this indicates a Kapha pacifying exercise routine will be most benificial for you.

It will feel good to push the blood through your veins when exercising. Vigorous exercise suits your nature as it stimulates your circulation which can be cold and sluggish, and helps to clear out congestion. Daily exercise (first thing in the morning if you can) fires up your metabolism and energises you for the day. Running, cycling, rowing, weight training and endurance sports are good for you. Daily exercise is necessary for you to maintain a healthy weight and bodyshape. During the summer months it is easier to wake with nature (approx. 6am) and exercise outdoors while it is light. Even though staying in bed is tempting, making the effort will be very rewarding for you. During winter avoid extremely cold environs. Embrace the opportunity, challenge yourself to rise with the sun and enjoy the outdoors!

Or is this more you...?

  • I enjoy variety when I exercise and by nature am changeable and quick moving.
  • I often start a project or exercise programme with enthusiasm but can find it difficult to maintain a regular routine of exercise.
  • I can also get addicted to exercise.
  • My energy comes in bursts and can be shortlived

If so, this indicates a Vata pacifying exercise routine will be most benificial for you.

Your profile excels at balancing and stretching exercises and the best form of exercise for you is walking. Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, dance, light aerobics, walking, short hikes and light bicycling are excellent for you. It is important not to over exert yourself. Hiking through nature is a great way to balance your mind and your body. Work pressures, deadlines, and a fast pace of life can be balanced with a regular pattern of good sleep and light daily exercise.

Or does this sound more like you...?

  • My body heat is naturally on the warm side and I sweat easily when exercising
  • I enjoy water sports and prefer not to exercise vigorously in the heat of the day
  • I can be competitive and I like to win
  • I enjoy a challenge and I'm naturally a perfectionist

If so, this indicates a Pitta pacifying exercise routine will be most benificial for you.

Sports that challenge and bring a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day will be most satisfying for you. Your nature will gain a lot from a leisurely stroll in the woods, a plunge into a pool after work, or a half hour brisk walk, to help dissolve the day's tensions and take the feistiness out of your system. Summer is the perfect time to combine all of these aspects. Increased daylight hours after work allow you to unwind in nature. Try a swim in a pool or at the beach. Take a leisurely walk or run with a friend and enjoy feeling relaxed and balanced.

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