Herbal Remedies for Sleep Can Transform Your Life

Date Posted:19 April 2011 

Various kinds of sleep problems affect a huge number of people across the world, men and women, of all ages and from all backgrounds. Sleep deprivation is not, of course, a modern condition, but many aspects of fast-paced modern life may be to blame for exacerbating the problem. So many people are struggling to juggle work, family, social commitments alongside other necessary daily tasks, and often sleep is one of the first things to be sacrificed. It is easy to dismiss a poor night's sleep and assume that you will make up for it the following night, but too often the following night is just as unsettled, and days of poor sleeping habits become weeks, then months. In extreme cases of sleep deprivation, the person can struggle to function even at the most basic level during the day, putting their general health at risk and failing to perform at their best both at work and at home. Some of the serious health problems that can result from sleep deprivation are obesity, high blood pressure and a weakened immune system. Herbal remedies for sleep can help you avoid these serious problems and awake feeling more refreshed.

Sleep is just as important for good health as diet. Restful sleep allows for the mind and body to be refreshed, enabling people to function well during the day. Ojas—the coordinator between mind, body and soul—is enhanced by sleep. Without a sufficient amount of good quality sleep, therefore, Ojas cannot help the mind cope with stress or boost the body's immune systems. The result can be an imbalance of Vata, Pitta or Kapha, the three doshas (energies) that control all mental and physical energies. It is important to correct these imbalances with herbal remedies for sleep and certain diet and lifestyle changes. These offer completely natural alternatives to prescribed medication, which often produces unpleasant or long lasting side effects and works to disguise the symptoms of the problem. Natural remedies get right to the root of the situation and put into place permanent steps to improve sleeping patterns and habits, which consequently leads to much better general health -- both physical and mental.

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