Jan Flynn

Linda Sinden - Maharishi Ayurveda Consultant

Jan gives consultations in the Bay of Plenty where she lives, plus in Wellington when she is visiting family there.

Consultations include; Pulse diagnosis and a questionnaire to determine your state of health -  Practical recommendations on diet and lifestyle - Easy to understand information on how and why these recommendations can help bring about balance if followed - Good practical explanations on Ayurveda

Jan ran a Maharishi Ayurveda (MA) Panchakarma clinic in Auckland 1986 to 1997, spent a year on work-study in a MA clinic in Europe and has been a MA consultant since 1990.

When distance is a problem Skype consultations are available and these are arranged via email or phone.

Email: ayurveda.jan@gmail.com

Phone: 07 5493067

Texts: 022 0281960

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