Kapha Exercise Recommendations

Date Posted:6 November 2012 

By nature you are strong, with a good capacity for exercise. You do best with vigorous exercise that causes you to sweat. It can feel good to sweat and pump the blood through your veins. Exercise stimulates your metabolism and energises the mind and body and is essential for your long-term wellbeing.

Your type suits vigorous exercise like power walking, running, jogging, aerobics and any vigorous exercise you enjoy. Your profile typically has the natural build for a long distance runner or distance rowing.

When starting an exercise program consider asking family or friends to exercise with you to help you get started and to help you stick with it. Once you get into the habit it will be easier and as you start to notice how much better you feel when you have exercise, you will want to convert others too!

Begin your exercise by breathing comfortably through the nose. Monitor your pace and at the point where you would start gulping air through the mouth slow down and re-establish easy nose breathing. After 1-3 minutes at this slower pace then pick up your pace again and see how much further you will get this time before needing to reset your breathing. Over time your fitness will increase and you will be amazed at how easy it is to exercise at a high level while staying in a zone of effortless exercise.

Helpful tips

  • Frequency – 45 to 60 minutes every day
  • You have a great capacity to exercise, although you may not know it
  • Intensity – moderate to heavy
  • Train with a friend or trainer when you need the motivation
  • Best cross training exercises for you are aerobics, bodybuilding, cycling, martial arts, gymnastics, tennis, roller blading, cross country running and skiing, volley ball, shot-put, swimming, soccer, rock climbing and rowing. Often your profile does even better at all exercise when they become more limber and agile. This is why dance, Pilates or a yoga class is an excellent cross training choice for you. Although you may not have a dancer’s build, Kapha types often feel much better about their natural shape, once they gain the poise and balance that dance training, Pilates or yoga instills.


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