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Kapha is the slow and steady dosha that governs structure and lubrication in the mind and body. It controls weight and growth, the lubrication for the joints and lungs and the formation of all the seven tissues - nutritive fluids, blood, fat, muscles, bones, marrow and reproductive organs.

Kapha Governs

  • Structure and cohesion, fluid balance, muscle, fat, bone and sinew. Including:
  • Moisture for nose, mouth, eyes and brain
  • Sense of taste, which is essential for good digestion
  • Moisture of the stomach lining for good digestion
  • The heart, strong muscles and healthy lungs
  • Lubrication of the joints and soft and supple skin.


Each dosha has underlying primordial elements. For Kapha these are Earth and Water.


Each dosha has certain qualities. For Kapha these are heavy, solid, cold, unctuous, soft, sweet, steady, moist and slow by nature.

Kapha out of balance results in

  • Sinus congestion and a poor sense of smell
  • Poor sense of taste, and food cravings due to a lack of fulfillment
  • Impaired digestion, cold and heavy, with poor absorption
  • Lethargy, respiratory problems and lower back pain
  • Weight gain, with oily skin and loose or painful joints.

Kapha in Balance Results in

  • Muscular strength
  • Strong immunity
  • Affection, generosity, courage, dignity
  • Healthy, normal joints
  • Vitality and stamina
  • Stability of mind

Tips to help you balance KAPHA

  • Use Kapha products. Start the day with a strong Kapha Tea and sip it throughout the day. Season meals with Kapha Seasoning, drink Rajas Cup 30 minutes after meals and diffuse stimulating Kapha Aroma Oil in the environment.
  • Rise with the sun and have a walk or another from of exercise
  • Don’t overeat, especially at night
  • Herbal products as a tonic to balance Kapha:
  • Follow the general dietary guidelines to balance Kapha (a PDF Guide)
  • Book a personal Maharishi Ayurveda consultation so the best balancing strategies can be identified for you. Contact Us
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Kapha Balancing Products

Digest Tone (MA505)
Digest Tone (MA505)
Supports digestive tract health, Regular elimination, Detoxifies the liver
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Be Trim 1 (MA1006)
Be Trim 1 (MA1006)
Helps balance appetite & fat metabolism for those who gain weight easily and who have a normal appetite.
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Digest Tone (MA505) Elim-Tox (MA1010)
A gentle formula to purify the liver and blood
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Be Trim 2 (MA1007) Be Trim 2 (MA1007)
Helps balance appetite & fat metabolism for those who gain weight easily and who have strong appetite.
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