Liver CareMA3579 60 tablets

Supports healthy liver function

Our liver is an organ that often gets neglected. This traditional formula helps strengthen and purify the liver so it can transform the foods we eat into pure blood and healthy cells.

  • Helps cleanse toxins from the liver
  • Assists digestion and metabolism of fats
  • Supports healthy blood cells, bile and nutritional fluids

Acne, cold sores, high cholesterol, hypoglycemia, constipation, digestive problems, fatigue — these ailments all start in the liver. Yet when was the last time we did something to keep our liver healthy?

This silent giant has a multitude of important roles to play — digesting, metabolizing and manufacturing essential compounds. No wonder it’s called the engine of the body. But that’s not all. Your liver is also responsible for screening toxins and pollutants before they reach the other organs.

Always read the label and use as directed. Supplementary to a balanced diet. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional. If pregnant take under the guidance of your healthcare professional

English LatinSanskrit Part Used % in mg/1000
Creat Andrographis paniculata Whole plant 8.00 80.00
Ajowan Carum copticum Fruit 8.00 80.00
Chiretta Swertia chirata Whole plant 8.00 80.00
Fenugreek Trigonella foenum-graecum Seed 8.00 80.00
Chebulic myrobalan Terminalia chebula Fruit rind 8.00 80.00
Ginger, dried Zingiber officinale Rhizome 8.00 80.00
Turmeric Curcuma longa Rhizome 8.00 80.00
Iron oxide Ferri - oxidum   4.00 40.00
Lotus Lotus arabicus Flower 4.00 40.00
Pepper long Piper longum Fruit 4.00 40.00
Nutmeg Myristica fragrans Kernel 4.00 40.00
Indian olibanum Boswellia serrata Exudate 4.00 40.00
Cowrie Cypraea moneta   4.00 40.00
  Bhavna dravya   0.00 0.00
Creat Andrographis paniculata Whole plant 1.00 10.00
Indian gooseberry Emblica officinalis Fruit rind 3.50 35.00
Chebulic myrobalan Terminalia chebula Fruit rind 4.00 40.00
Beleric myrobalan Terminalia belerica Fruit rind 4.00 40.00
Organic starch        
Rice extract        
Rice hull concentrate        
Take 1 tablet twice daily (or as required) preferably 30 minutes (minimum 15 minutes) before meals with warm water

No More Bloating

31 March 2017
Since I started to use this product 3 weeks ago I have no longer experienced the uncomfortable bloating feeling after meals.

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