Look and Feel Your Best with Natural Beauty Care from Maharishi Ayurveda

Date Posted:10 October 2011 

The key to achieving true beauty, inside and out, is to give equal attention to the body, mind and spirit. Too often, people concentrate on only one of the three, assuming that will be enough. Don't worry—it might sound like a lot to take on, but in actual fact Ayurvedic natural beauty care tips make it incredibly straightforward.

Let's start with something simple: your breathing. This may seem like a no-brainer, but do you breathe correctly? Yes, believe it or not - there is a 'right' and a 'wrong' way to breathe! Take a minute to concentrate on your breathing. Most people take shallow breaths, using only the upper chest. Maharishi Ayurveda practitioners recommend inhaling deeply, so that you can feel the air go right into your abdomen. Concentrate on taking deep, slow breaths. The more you practice it, the more habitual it will become, until breathing any other way just feels wrong. Breathing too quickly can be harmful because this can affect the distribution of oxygen in your body. Using a therapeutic essential oil, such as rose, jasmine or lavender, can help maintain deep breathing. Using the oil twice per day for around 10 minutes will give your skin a wonderful glow. Breathing deeply and evenly will make you feel calm and settled, and this sense of inner peace will be reflected in your appearance.

Next, take a look at your level of activity. How much time do you spend slumped on the sofa, barely moving a muscle? It is not difficult to become more active, simply by taking a gentle stroll every morning. Include some stretching in your new exercise regimen. Yoga is perfect for strengthening both the body and the mind. Exercise improves your immunity, boosts metabolism, and aids circulation. It will also help to disperse any ama, or toxic blockages, in your system. Find an exercise that you enjoy doing, and you will improve your mental and physical health.

While it is important to be more active, it is equally important to spend some time doing nothing. Turn to meditation to relieve your mind of both interior and exterior noise. You don't need to have a desert island to achieve total peace. Simply turn off the television, the computer, the stereo and the telephone. Find a comfortable place, sit down and spend 20 minutes simply focussing on your breathing. You can use the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's Transcendental Meditation technique to help you connect with your inner self, relax your body and mind and achieve a sense of balance.

Sometimes a dozen small changes can make more of an improvement to your appearance than one major alteration. It doesn't take a lot to change certain aspects of your regular daily routine. Instead of rushing through your morning tasks, slow down and spend an extra 10 minutes moisturising your skin, cleaning your teeth and brushing your hair. Instead of gulping down your breakfast, sit down, chew each mouthful properly, and really enjoy the flavours. If you are feeling bloated, start leaving a quarter of the food on your plate; you will soon notice your clothes fitting better.

It is a common temptation to overload your skin with beauty products to try to improve its condition, but your skin will look a million times better if you let it breathe. Go make-up free as often as possible, and check that the moisturiser you use isn't too heavy. Get into the habit of looking at the packaging on every product. Avoid anything with a long list of chemical ingredients—the more natural, the better. Focus on improving your diet and exercise routine and your skin will benefit.

Learn new eating habits. It's not just about what you eat, it's how you eat! Prepare your food with love, care and attention. Try not to rush the cooking stage; you don't need to create complex dishes, but rather, think about the flavours you are combining and try to go for healthy ingredients. When you are eating, take your time. Chew each mouthful thoroughly. Putting your fork down between mouthfuls will help with this. Don't slouch over the table to eat—keep your back straight and your shoulders relaxed. It might seem strange at first, but if you persevere it will soon become second nature.

Maharishi Ayurveda recommends nourishing, healing foods, such as ghee (clarified butter), whole grains, cooked sweet fruits, legumes, and lots of herbs and spices, such as turmeric, ginger and black pepper. The benefits of these foods are endless. If you want to look fresh and youthful, with smooth skin, strong nails and glossy hair, you can achieve it simply by changing what you put on your plate.

Growing old gracefully is always preferable to trying to turn back the clock. Embrace your advancing years, while making the most of your natural beauty. A nourishing face pack can help improve the condition and texture of your skin. Whatever type of skin you have, there are simple home recipes for a face pack that will produce immediate results.

Self-massage is an integral part of the Maharishi Ayurveda approach to health and beauty. Learning how to give yourself a massage means you don't have to rely on others, and it is something you can do on a daily basis. All you need is suitable massage oil and 30 minutes of free time. It is well worth fitting this into your daily routine! Warm sesame oil is one of the best massage oils. A self-massage is considered to improve the elasticity and firmness of the skin, encourage longevity and nourish all layers of the skin as well as all types of body tissue. Ayurvedic experts say that self-massage can boost mental clarity and help exude a more youthful appearance.

Alongside all these natural beauty care tips from Maharishi Ayurveda, there is something very important that you must not forget to do. On a daily basis, remind yourself of your strengths, and tell yourself that these make you a beautiful person. The more secure and content you feel on the inside, the more beautiful you will appear on the outside. True beauty is not about the arrangement of features on your face, or the length and colour of your hair. It is about being the best person you can be, which you can do by focussing on the non-physical beauty aspects of grace, kindness, loyalty and understanding. Combine this practice with natural beauty products from Maharishi Ayurveda, and you will soon be on your way to a beautiful life.


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