Natural Foot Care from Maharishi Ayurveda

Date Posted:11 September 2011 

If you are suffering from uncomfortable or painful foot problems, you are not alone. Millions of people, all over the world, experience foot problems at some point in their lives. This is hardly surprising, when you think about how much feet are used on a daily basis. Most people are guilty of failing to take proper care of their feet. If you can relate to this, why not consider a natural foot care regimen to keep yours in tip-top condition? Start with these basic foot care tips, which are really easy and quick to implement:

  • Wear comfortable, well-fitting shoes. A good fit means having a little extra room around the toes. If your shoes feel tight, they are too small and are likely to cause you pain.
  • Wash your feet thoroughly every day, with a mild soap and warm water. Make sure you completely dry them afterwards, paying special attention to between the toes.
  • Keep your toenails trimmed, short but not so short, that the skin on the sides of your nails is affected. Keep your routine simple; avoid strong techniques that may be recommended to get rid of problems such as calluses and corns, as these can damage your toes and feet.
  • Change your socks every day and immediately after exercising to prevent a build-up of sweat and dirt. Walk barefoot as often as possible, even outside if it is safe enough.

The next step is to adopt the Maharishi Ayurveda system of natural foot care. This will not only benefit your toes and feet; your entire body and nervous system will receive a boost. An Ayurvedic foot bath and massage is relaxing, revitalising, increases energy levels and improves circulation from top to toe.

A herbal foot bath is a simple procedure that will make your tired feet feel wonderful and help you to dissolve that irritating hard skin. First of all, boil a litre of water. Fill a small muslin pouch with an herb of your choice, such as lavender, sage or rosemary. Sit the pouch in a large bowl or container and pour the boiling water over it. Leave it to stew for around 20 minutes. Add a little cold water until the temperature of the water is comfortable enough for your skin (typically around 40 degrees Celsius).

Now for the good part—soak both feet in the water for around 20 minutes and relax. You may want to rub the herbs against your feet, but avoiding heavy scrubbing. You may want to add Maharishi Ayurveda Aromatherapy Bath Salts to the water for the ultimate in relaxing, fragrant foot care experiences. When you are finished, dry your feet with a clean, soft towel.

A foot massage benefits the whole body by detoxing the system, balancing the emotions and increasing circulation. Before you start, prepare your feet properly. Wash them with soap and warm water. If possible, use neem soap, which has antibacterial properties. Dry your feet with a clean, soft towel and sit in a comfortable position that gives you easy access to your feet.

Begin the massage by applying a little oil to one of your feet. Smooth the oil over your entire foot. Gently rub the base of your little toe, then your next (fourth) toe.  Apply a little pressure between the little and fourth toes, then rub between the third and fourth toes. Move your attention to the big toe: massage and pull it, rubbing each side of the nail. Massage the ball of the foot in a circular movement, then move to the sides of the heel, just below the ankle joint. Apply gentle pressure to this area with both hands, moving in a clockwise direction. Move your hands to your calf and massage the muscle to release tension. Repeat every step on your other foot.

If the feet are neglected, dead skin cells can accumulate, leading to corns, which appear as thick, hard patches on the toes. A simple Ayurvedic remedy is a natural alternative to a chemical treatment method.

Roast a clove in garlic (either dry, or in a small amount of ghee) until it is golden. Press the clove directly onto the corn while it is still warm. Stick a plaster over it to secure it and leave it there for at least 24 hours. Repeat on each corn. Do this every day, until the corn falls off. To stop corns coming back, give your feet a soothing massage with our Vata Massage Oil.

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