Natural Hair Care and Nail Care Tips from Maharishi Ayurveda

Date Posted:19 September 2011 

According to the Council of Maharishi Ayurveda Physicians, hair and nails come from the same place—both are formed from the same kind of bone tissue transformation. Of the three types of hair (kesh, the hair on your head, lom, the fine hair on your arms and legs, and samasru, all over body hair), kesh or head hair is the most significant in relation to beauty and general health and wellbeing. Nakh (nails) originate from the same place as kesh.

You may be surprised to know that Ayurvedic experts consider kesh and nakh to be waste products! However they are unique in that they tell us a lot about a person's health; take care of yours with natural hair care and nail care tips! Ridges, white spots or discoloured patches on nails are signs that someone is not in optimum health, and that they have bone tissue imbalances.

One way to improve bone health is to look at your diet, particularly the fats you eat. Fat is the primary raw material for bone formation. Many people eat a fat-free diet because they believe it is the healthiest option, but it is actually better for your health to include moderate amounts of 'good' fats, such as ghee and olive oil.

Calcium and vitamin D can also nourish bone tissue—just remember that calcium must be 'good' calcium for easy assimilation, i.e free of lead with small molecules. You can top up your calcium intake with herbs known to support the liver, such as Phyllanthus niruri and Heart-leaved Moonseed.

You can also increase your Calcium intake and absorption using the Maharishi Ayurveda products Calcium Support and Calcium Absorb. Calcium Support provides a higher level of Calcium supplementation, whereas Calcium Absorb supports a medium level of Calcium supplementation, but with better assimilation and utilization. This is often required for healing of broken bones, the elderly and for those who pass Calcium quickly from the system Maharishi Ayurveda's Healthy Hair and Nails nutritional supplement provides important balance to the metabolism, which controls the growth of the hair and nails. This contains Winter Cherry (Ashwagandha), which is known as one of the best herbs in Ayurveda.

When it comes to your diet, eat lots of spinach, kale, chard, root vegetables, asparagus, milk, fresh yoghurt, coconut milk and sesame seeds. These foods are all high in calcium and vitamins and will help to boost natural hair care. Neglecting your nails can, in extreme cases, lead to fungus. If your nails are already in this state, don't worry—you can restore them back to health with Maharishi Ayurveda nail care tips.

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