Natural Healing Remedies Make Dealing with Stress Easier

Date Posted:19 June 2011 

Dealing with stress can be a stressful experience in itself. Whether it is related to work, personal life, health or a specific life experience, knowing how to relieve stress is not always a straightforward process. As the fast-paced, competitive modern world puts increasingly tough demands on everybody, a growing number of people find themselves suffering from stress-related health problems, including insomnia, anxiety and depression. More and more people are trying to juggle work with family life, and feeling the pressure to excel in every aspect of their lives, which can lead to a huge amount of pressure on both the body and mind. Fortunately, natural healing remedies exist that make dealing with stress easier for your mind and body.

For many years, people have turned to tranquilisers to relieve the symptoms of stress, but the downside of this remedy is the feeling of drowsiness, which can greatly affect a person's ability to work and function. This was a primary consideration when Maharishi Ayurveda Physicians created Worry Free tablets. Worry Free reduces anxiety and promotes a general feeling of calmness, while increasing alertness so that people can carry on living their lives as normal, without worrying about any unpleasant side effects.

According to researchers from the University of California at San Diego (UCSD), Worry Free reduces generalised anxiety in 80% of users. This conclusion was reached after following a three-month-long study carried out on ten patients who suffered from this disorder.

In Ayurvedic medicine, there are three distinct categories of mental ability: dhi (acquisition), dhriti (retention) and smriti (recall). Each of these categories is enhanced by the carefully-selected herbs that make up Worry Free tablets (including Herpestis Monniera, Aloeweed, and Heart-leaved Moonseed). Traditional Ayurvedic texts refer to these special herbs as "medhya herbs", and they promote the relationships between the three mental areas as well as nurturing each area individually. As well as the medhya herbs, Worry Free includes Muskroot (Jatamansi) and Greater Galangal, which help to clear the channels of the mind, keeping toxins and blockages at bay. Additionally, Winter Cherry (Ashwagandha) increases the mind's ability to resist stress by improving its general function. By targeting the mind as a whole, this powerful herb allows people to think more clearly, and deal with obstacles without feeling anxious or stressed.

When people taking Worry Free tablets are faced with a stressful situation, they have the ability to turn the experience from a negative into a positive one. They are able to take past experiences and use what they have learnt to cope with the current situation, without creating an imbalance in the mind or increasing their stress levels further.

Many people who suffer from stress have high levels of salivary cortisol (known as the stress hormone). These tablets reduce the levels of salivary cortisol and other stress markers by balancing the subdoshas that govern the mind. In the UCSD study, there was a noticeable drop in salivary cortisol levels in the majority of participants.

These three subdoshas are Prana Vata, the Vata subdosha that controls the brain, the mind and sensory perception, Tarpaka Kapha, the Kapha subdosha connected to the cerebral-spinal fluid, and Sadhaka Pitta, the Pitta subdosha that governs emotions and their impact on the heart. Stress makes the subdoshas go out of balance because the mind becomes strained through misuse or overuse. This results in a burning effect from Sadhaka Pitta, a drying effect from Prana Vata and an excess of fluid from Tarpaka Kapha. This excessive fluid can, over time, dampen the metabolizing fire (medhya agni) between the three areas of the mind (dhi, dhriti and smriti). As a result, toxins (ama) begin to build up, mix with the Tarpaka Kapha fluid and form the stress marker cortisol. Although cortisol in itself is not harmful, when it arises from an excess of Tarpaka Kapha and there is a build-up of ama, it is an unwanted guest.

Muskroot and Greater Galangal in Worry Free tablets enhance the medhya agni; as it burns brightly ama is no longer produced and salivary cortisol levels decrease. As there is no more ama mixing with Tarpaka Kapha, only the right sort of cortisol is released, which helps to protect the mind from stress. Cleansing Winter Cherry also removes ama from the channels, enhancing the medhya agni even further.

People who take Worry Free tablets report that although the remedy makes them feel relaxed, they also feel more bright and alert. There is none of the confusion or drowsiness associated with prescription tranquilisers. Patients find themselves clear-headed and able to cope with the demands of their work and home life, without any of the stress that they have been enduring. This is because the medhya herbs enhance the capacity of, and improve coordination between, the three categories of mental ability (dhi, dhriti and smriti).

If you are finding it hard to deal with stress, taking Worry Free could transform your life. Like all Maharishi Ayurveda natural healing remedies, these tablets have benefitted many thousands of people all over the world. As well as the tablets, Tranquilitea is available. This is a soothing tea that calms the mind and emotions. Its ingredients include Arjuna Myrobalans, which balances the emotions; cardamom, which balances all three doshas; and black pepper, which supports the body's cleansing and antioxidant functions and the free flow of oxygen to the brain. Other natural remedies to relieve stress are Stress Free Mind, Stress Relief, Amrit Kalash Ambrosia and Smooth Emotions.

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