Neem OrganicMA1934 60 tablets (500mg each)

60 tablets

Cleanser and blood purifier
Supports clear and healthy skin
Promotes general well-being

The neem tree has long been revered in India for its numerous benefits. For centuries, the Indian people used the juice of neem leaves to make their skin look more radiant, drank neem tea as a tonic, used neem to clean their teeth, and used neem leaves as a natural insect repellent. Because of its wide variety of applications, it is commonly called "the village pharmacy."

Neem leaf is famous in ayurvedic texts for having an almost magical effect on the skin. Traditionally used in ayurvedic remedies for its purifying quality, the neem leaves were crushed into a paste and applied directly to problem skin.

Neem leaf has both pungent and astringent tastes. According to Maharishi Ayurveda, the neem leaf is especially useful in balancing Pitta dosha (one of 3 mind-body types in ayurveda). It helps remove ama and other toxins from the body, helps purify the blood, and helps neutralize damaging free radicals, thus nourishing more radiant skin.

According to ayurveda, Neem:

  • Supports healthy, glowing skin
  • Helps with occasional skin blemishes

Helps detoxify the body and purify the blood

Ingredients: Organic Neem tree leaves (Azadirachta indica) 475mg, Organic tapioca starch (tablet binder) 25mg

Grown and processed in the most holistic and eco-friendly way without the use of toxic and harmful synthetic chemicals.

  • Made with certified organic herbs into 500mg tablets
  • Tablet binder used is organic tapioca starch
  • Can be used with other herbal supplements, vitamins, or natural products
  • No side-effects
  • No GMOs
  • Cruelty free - not tested on animals

Certified Organic by IMO
The Swiss based Institute for Marketecology (IMO) is one of the first and most renowned international agencies for inspection, certification and quality assurance of eco-friendly products. Their world-wide activities are accredited by the Swiss Accreditation Service (SAS) according to EN 45011 (ISO 65), which is the international standard for certification. IMO offers certification for organic production and handling according to the EU Regulation (EC) N 834/2007 and (EC) N 889/2008. Also they have been accredited by USDA for organic certification according to the American National Organic Program (NOP). Recently they received the reaccreditation by MAFF and offer certification according to the Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS) for the Japanese market.



Always read the label and use as directed. Supplementary to a balanced diet. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional. If pregnant take under the guidance of your healthcare professional

1-2 tablets twice daily with water after meals. Each tablet is 500mg.

Great for skin

By: on 13 December 2022
I have taken neem on many occasions for helping cool my pitta and reduce my eczema. It is very effective at purifying the blood and supporting my skin.

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The Herbs in Maharishi Ayurveda Products Are Prepared in the Traditional Ayurvedic Way. 100% Natural and Side-Effect Free. Made to Naturally Restore Balance in Your Body. Buy Now!