Glenda Novakovic

Linda Sinden - Maharishi Ayurveda Consultant

Glenda is available in Perth, WA
MSc Maharishi AyurVeda & Integrative Medicine
Post Grad Dip Nursing
Consultant for:
  • Maharishi Aromatherapy
  • Maharishi Light Technology with Gems
  • Teacher of Transcendental Meditation
Also offering short courses for health in:
  • Good Health through Prevention: Eliminating the Basis of Disease by bringing life into Accord with Natural Law
  • Diet Digestion and Nutrition:Promoting Optimal Nourishment and Health through Balanced Diet, Digestion and Nutrition
  • Self Pulse Reading for Good Health: Detecting Balance and Imbalance in the Physiology by Feeling Ones Own Pulse
  • Maharishi Yoga – A course on Yoga Exercise: Creating Physiological Balance and MInd-Body Coordination for Ideal Health and Well-Being
  • Maharishi Aromatherapy


Phone: 0412 774 429

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