The Power to Heal

Every cell in your body has an amazing inner wisdom and ability to regenerate and heal. What if there was a way to switch on this healing power and take charge of your personal health and wellbeing? Are you fascinated by the possibility of living a long, healthy and happy life? 

Within every cell in your body is the intelligence of nature guiding the healthy growth and functioning of your body. It is this awesome healing power of nature that helps to maintain and restore balance. When a bone is broken the physician may set the bone but it is the body's natural ability to regenerate and heal that knits the bone together even stronger than it was before.  

The ancient physicians of Ayurveda understood how to access and stimulate this powerful intelligence within each of your cells to maintain health or help restore wellness. Furthermore they understood how to match the intelligence within herbs and foods to support and ignite your body's own healing power. 

Our Maharishi Ayurveda Consultant

My name is Linda Sinden and for the past 25 years I’ve been helping people restore and maintain wellbeing. Experience with over 11,000 consultations has shown me that it is our simple everyday choices that over time greatly impact our health and wellbeing. 

According to  Maharishi Ayurveda we have all been given a unique blueprint by nature in our mind-body profile. Our unique profile instinctively reflects how nature intends us to live. Imbalance or dis-ease is an indicator that we are out of step with nature's blueprint for us. By adopting diet, lifestyle and herbals suited to our mind-body profile, or that are needed to address a current imbalance, then the body is capable of restoring and maintaining balance with minimal effort on our part. 

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