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What Causes Pitta Imbalance?

If you are experiencing some discomfort, there is usually a precipitating cause – a pattern of behaviour that has thrown the dosha out of balance. This cause can be identified and corrected. There are typical patterns to look for.

  • Under stress and feeling angry, frustrated and resentful 
  • You place excessive demands on yourself and others, live under constant pressure from deadlines, and cannot bear to waste time. 
  • Eating too many hot, spicy, salty, oily, or fried foods. 
  • Your diet contains too many sour or fermented products such as cheese, vinegar, sour cream, coffee and alcoholic beverages. 
  • You have been exposed to impure food and water. 
  • The weather is hot and humid (summer weather)

Pitta Out of Balance gives rise to

  • Blood shot eyes and poor vision 
  • Skin rashes and acne 
  • A demanding perfectionist with workaholic tendencies 
  • Over supply of stomach acid 
  • Early greying and balding 
  • Fits of anger, impatience and temper

Each dosha has certain qualities. For Pitta these are warm or hot, pungent, energetic, slightly oily, sharp, acidic, fluid, and intense by nature. When one or more of these qualities increases beyond comfortable limits for you, then a symptom of imbalance will arise in the physical body and/or at the level of the mind and emotions. For example placing  excessive demands on yourself and others, being a perfectionist and living under constant pressure from deadlines can lead to an increases of heat and acidity in the liver and blood. 
This heat increases the tendency for irritation, outburst of anger and being critical of self and others. As heat and acidity increase it causes symptom such as acid indigestion, loose bowel, skin rashes and one may wake in the early hours of the morning with a busy mind.

Maintaining Balance 
Nature has made the process of maintaining balance easy for us through the body’s natural desire to maintain balance. There is a tendency deep in the nature of each person to protect health by self-correcting. When one is good at listening to one’s needs within, then one naturally does what is right for health and happiness. Sleepy - one goes to bed, hungry - one eats, thirsty - one drinks  etc. Beginning to favour this inner listening attitude is a step in the right direction.

Balance the intense and hot qualities of Pitta by adopting moderation.

Consider the options below and choose what you need to do most.

  • Do you over work and drive yourself? Would you benefit from adopting moderation in your work – life balance? Adopt moderation in your lifestyle by balancing work hours with times to relax, chill and connect with loved ones.  Consider making appointments in your diary for quality time with loved ones and friends.
  • Consider taking Emotional Balance to help balance your natural drive and intensity.
  • Do you drink coffee, alcohol and eat spicy, sour or salty foods? Adopt moderation in your food choices by reducing or avoiding caffeinated drinks, alcohol and spicy, sour or salty foods. Favour Pitta pacifying foods. Consider taking Aci Balance to help balance digestive enzymes and heat in your system.
  • Do you regularly wake in the night and find it difficult to go back to sleep? Adopt moderation by ensuring you eat a Pitta balancing meal by 6-7pm Then allow your natural intensity to relax by unwinding prior to bed for at least an hour.  Avoid mental stimulation from computer work, phone work or fast paced TV or videos after 8pm. Consider using the following herbals:

1. Take Deep Rest 1-2 tablets prior bed and 1-2 tablets if  you wake.
2.  Use Nidra Aroma Oil that aids sleep. Place some drops on your pillow or in an aroma lamp at bedtime.
3.  Gently rub your feet with coconut oil or Pitta Massage Oil Organic at bedtime (you can remove excess oil with a soft cloth or paper towel)

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