5 Ways to Soothe & Cool Pitta

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  • Intense
  • Critical
  • Frustrated or angry
  • Prone to overworking
  • Experiencing a ravenous appetite
  • Experiencing excess stomach acid
  • Prone to hot flushes
  • Needing to cool down their body and/or mind?

If yes, balancing Pitta will bring out their sweet side - soothe their heat, acidity or indigestion, restore mental ease and ability to concentrate, while reducing any outburst of anger, irritability, sarcasm or impatience. 

When Pittas are balanced digestion is comfortable, body temperature normal, energy high, weight perfect, and complexion is radiant, emotions are well balanced, and the mind’s ability to plan, reason, analyze and take initiative is excellent. Restoring balance helps to bring out a chivalrous and compassionate nature.


  1. Sweeten and cool intensity with aromatherapy. Place 2-3 drops of a cooling and sweet aroma oil, such as sandalwood, rose, jasmine, peppermint or vanilla, or Pitta Aroma Oil into an aroma burner. Or give your partner a soothing body massage using Pitta Massage Oil. Follow with a warm (not hot) soak in the bath or tub to which you can add 3-4 drops of Pitta Aroma Oil for a pleasing experience.

  2. Make it a priority not to skip meals as Pitta types can get so engrossed with their work or goals that they wait until they are famished to eat. Not eating when hungry causes a build up of acid in the system that can heat the blood and in turn lead to outbursts of anger, irritability and impatience.
    Over time this can lead to skin disorders, ulcers, loose bowel and an increase of inflammatory conditions and ailments. Help them to favour Pitta settling food and drinks and give them cooling foods like cucumbers, sweet fruits, melons and salad greens. When cooking a meal for a Pitta use Pitta seasonal spice mixture, called Pitta Churna to delight their taste buds while helping to balance Pitta. If there is a tendency for acidity suggest they take Aci Balance 1-2 tablets after meals. It is best to reduce or avoid stimulants which can inflame Pitta – particularly alcohol, caffeine, and very spicy (chillies, cayenne etc), salty or sour foods like vinegar, yoghurt and hard cheeses.
  3. Help them to balance their rest and activity with some free time every day, being in bed by 10 pm, and help them be alert not to create unnecessary time pressure for themselves. Encourage them to say no to an overload of either work or social commitment. Help them to keep their goals and ambitions in balance and not to expect too much too quickly.
    They are specially balanced by being in beautiful surroundings and being out in nature such as walking in the moonlight with you! Water sports, skiing, snow boarding or time out in nature is specially beneficial for Pittas. Keeping the bedroom free of mobile phones, computers, tablets etc and winding down for 1 hour prior bed can help a Pitta enjoy quality sleep.
  4. Herbals that help to bring out their natural sweetness and to reduce the impact of stress for them are: Emotional Balance take 2-4 tablets along with 1 tablet of Liver Care prior breakfast and evening meals.
  5. Help them to avoid becoming over-heated and keep the bedroom just below 21 degrees Celsius. Use a cool compress on the forehead or back of neck if feeling overheated. Drink room temperature water rather than ice cold as it can be shocking to the body.
    Pitta tea can be very helpful as it helps to cool the body. It can be drunk warm in winter or at room temperature, or added to sweet juices in summer to make a lovely fruit cocktail

If you've noticed that you or your partner's imbalances are high or difficult to manage, professional help may make all the difference. Use our Ask an Expert service for herbals to help.

Wishing you the bliss of happy and fulfilling relationships

The Get Balance Team

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