Rebalance Pitta for Natural Weight Loss

Date Posted:4 December 2011 

If you are dominantly Pitta, then you generally digest your food well and have no problems burning carbohydrates or sugars. Most Pitta-types do not have a problem with weight gain, but it can occur if this dosha burns too hot for too long. Maintain a proper Pitta balance to encourage natural weight loss.

Problems with digestion begin by skipping meals; this is the number one problem for Pitta individuals. When digestion is thrown off balance, ama (toxic waste produced by the body due to incomplete or improper digestion) clogs the body’s channels. Pitta-types should be very careful to not only never skip a meal, but eat at the same time every day. When the stomach is too empty, Pitta's fire burns too hot and can cause damage to the stomach.

It is essential for an individual who is predominately Pitta to start with a healthy and nourishing breakfast. This gives the body something to burn and fuel for the day ahead. Porridge, oatmeal or a stewed apple and pear are all highly recommended for a proper Ayurveda breakfast.  Continue eating at the same time every day in order to maintain proper balance of Pitta dosha.

Overweight Pitta-types experience problems with their weight because they skip meals, not because they eat too much or too often. By not eating regular meals at regular times, ama overwhelms the body slows the metabolism and clogs the body's channels. Once there is too much ama, Pitta's fire tries to burn even hotter in order to clear ama and that can result in hyperacidity. In order for a Pitta individual to achieve natural weight loss, they must avoid skipping meals, eat at consistent times throughout the day, and eat healthy and nourishing meals that pacify Pitta.

Pitta-types should avoid foods that increase their fiery nature. Spices like black pepper, cayenne, chili and black mustard seed should  be avoided, as well as cold, heavy, rich desserts, which only serve to create more ama and cause Pitta's fire to burn hotter. On top of hot and spicy foods, Pitta-predominant people should also avoid sour or salty foods. They should not eat when they are overly stressed out or angry, either.

Yoga, meditation, and deep breathing exercises can all help relieve tension and anger, so that a Pitta person can eat while calm and relaxed. Even twenty minutes of yoga or meditation is usually enough to release any pent-up stress and aggression.

According to Ayurveda, to maintain balance or for natural weight loss, Pitta-types should favour cool to warm foods, sweet, bitter or astringent flavours, and dry foods that are moderately heavy in texture. Fully-ripened and sweet fruits, milk, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, green beans and dark leafy vegetables, zucchini, and cabbage are all examples of foods that help cool the burning fires of Pitta. Healthy and nutritious oils like olive oil and ghee are also recommended.

A Pitta's desire for natural weight loss is easier to achieve than for other doshas. Their energy and motivation lend themselves well to losing weight. However, balance must be maintained in order for weight loss to occur. When Pitta is imbalanced, it leads to emotional overeating. Emotional stress creates even more acid in the stomach and many Pittas find themselves reaching for foods they think will cool their stomach.

When the acid levels reach too high, it affects the body's digestion system, damages the stomach and blocks the channels with ama.

A Pitta individual must also maintain balance in their life. They should go to bed between 9 and 10 pm, and awake before 7am. Many Pitta types still feel energetic at this bedtime, but it is important to train the body to sleep during these times. Balance in life also requires less demand on the individual, both mentally and physically. Most Pitta-types tend to be high-strung and energetic, but they must learn to relax and slow down. It is not healthy for you to always rush around and be constantly in a hurry. Take some time off for yourself, enjoy your kids or partner, and learn to enjoy life without the constant need for doing something at all times.

Most Pitta types are also very motivated and competitive. While this can be a healthy thing, it can also work against them if it overwhelms their life and becomes a stumbling block. It is essential to slow down, set your priorities and realize it is okay not to be perfect all the time. A Pitta's fierce competitive nature can easily lead you to exercise too much. Try finding workouts that are playful and fun rather than intense and strenuous. Hiking, swimming, dancing and running are all great sporting activities for a Pitta individual.

There are many ayurvedic herbal remedies that can not only help cool Pitta down, but can aid in natural weight loss as well. The most effective natural supplements or ayurvedic herbal remedies for a Pitta-type include mint tea or green tea, guggal, triphala, garcinia cambogia and liquorice. If an individual has high blood pressure, they should avoid liquorice and seek the advice of an expert in Ayurveda.

For Pitta dosha, herbal water is extremely helpful for natural weight loss. Bring one quart of water to a boil. Add two pinches powdered liquorice root, two pinches ground fenugreek, one-fourth teaspoon whole coriander seeds, and one-fourth teaspoon fennel seeds. Allow the mixture to steep and to cool down completely. Once it is cooled, strain the liquid. This is a great drink to sip on throughout the day to cool Pitta's fire.


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