Safeguarding our Men Folk

Date Posted:11 June 2013 

This week is Men's Health Week and our focus is on how our men folk can safeguard  their health in order to protect their well-being and lifestyle for years to come. Being proactive reduces worry and the danger of major health risks including stroke, testicular cancer, cardiovascular problems, diabetes and depression.

As the saying goes it is better to be safe than sorry.

Warrant of Fitness Check

1. Are your body stats within healthy ranges?

Each year get your blood pressure, cholesterol and blood glucose levels checked. If your levels are creeping up or outside of healthy ranges consider adding some natural remedy to your arsenal to help you get on top again. Our clients have good results with

  • BP Balance -  Supports healthy heart function and healthy blood pressure.
  • Cardio Support  - Supports physical and emotional heart health; strengthens different levels of heart muscles; and helps improves blood flow.
  • Cholesterol Protection - Helps balance ratio of good and bad cholesterol by supporting body’s ability to properly metabolise fats.
  • Gluco Balance -  Helps maintain healthy blood glucose levels; assists and strengthens natural sugar metabolism and digestion.
  • Be Trim 1 or Be Trim 2 - Weight loss booster packs to help when  you want to reduce a creeping waist line or need help to reduce weight.

2.  Healthy Thinking - Is your mood okay? Early signs of imbalance often show in mood changes first.
If you notice you are

  • Feeling low or unmotivated? Taking Blissful Joy can make quite a difference.
  • Feeling angry and generally dissatisfied? Taking Rasayana for Pitta Imbalances can help to soothe your sensitive heart.
  • Feellng worried or anxious? Worry Free helps to build strength and thereby reduce worry and anxiety.

3.  Healthy Lifestyle - Every day you move about, eat and drink, work, interact with others in your community and sleep. Are you satisfied with the choices you make in each of these areas?

Establish a daily routine that helps you to

  • Exercise most days - in the morning if you can
  • Eat and drink at regular intervals,
  • Schedule in quality time with loved ones and friends
  • Use your skills and abilities in your work life
  • Wind down for 1-2 hours prior bed for  a great nights sleep. Aim to be in bed by 10pm during week nights.

Lastly if you feel you need to have a check up complete our free Test Your Health on-line assessment. It quick and provides useful pointers to help you get back on track.

The Get Balance Team

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