Sugar sweet sugar...

Date Posted:23 October 2013 

The sweet substance

Sugar is tasty... so why is it getting so much flack these days?

If you experience sugar cravings then you may also be wondering, what can you do to reduce them? Here we consider these questions and what you can do to enjoy a sweet treat in a healthy way, with complete pleasure.

The lowdown

Sugar is a sweet crystalline substance obtained from various plants such as sugar cane and sugar beet. It is a common choice for satisfying our appetite for the sweet taste and is also used as a preservative and fermenting agent.

Effects of sugar

Pleasant to taste, mildly invigorating for some, mentally zapping for others, sugar can depress your immune system and damage your heart. It specifically promotes belly fat and makes it hard to reduce weight. It has also been linked to cancer production and cancer survival (cancer cells thrive on sugar). Sugar has the same effect on the liver as alcohol and research is beginning to show that an overload of sugar may shorten your life too….

It’s important to note that sugars found in milk (lactose), honey and fruit (fructose) don’t display the same negative health effects as other sugars.

Help is here

To quote from the book The Answer to Cancer: Is Never Giving it a Chance to Start by Dr Hari Sharma

“You can give your body a little assistance. Here's an Ayurvedic secret. Try a little gymnema sylvestre.

This gentle herb, often known by its first name gymnema, is the "sugar stomper”. It works on more than one front. First of all, gymnema takes away the taste for sugar. It really does. Take a little bit, then put some sugar on your tongue. Most people say the same thing: "It tastes like sand”.

Gymnema's active ingredient is "gymnemic acid," and the molecules in it look to the body like sugar molecules. The molecules fill the receptor locations on your taste buds, so, that when a little glucose comes along, there's "no one home" (ie no taste buds) to receive it. You simply don't taste the sweetness. As a bonus, gymnema takes away the bitter taste as well, so chocolate won't have its usual allure for you either.

When it gets into your small intestine, the gymnemic acid also does a little imposter number. It fills up the receptor locations for sugar in the intestine, preventing sugar from using them. Sugar passes out of the body instead of into the blood stream. Your blood sugar heads in the right direction, namely down.”

Gymnema is found in Be Trim 1 and Be Trim 2 tablets and in the popular Be Trim Tea

Behaviour tips

  1. Drink 2-3 cups of Be Trim Tea a day
  2. Just the intention to cut down will help you choose more natural alternativesHave a piece of fruit instead of a slice or cakeDrink water with a slice of lemon instead of a soft drinkHave dessert every second day.
  3. If craving food when you know you are not empty or needing food, ask yourself… what is it I am really hungry for? Then meet the real need

Wishing you the bliss of balance

The Get Balance Team 

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