Super Healthy Kids this Winter

Date Posted:29 June 2012 

To help your kids be super healthy this winter let’s first understand how conventional medicine and Ayurvedic medicine view the tendency for children to get ill in Winter. Then let's see how to keep your kids well and what to do to help recovery as needed. We have drawn upon the help of a great book that is now available (while stocks last) based on the experiences of Dr Kumuda Reddy a medical doctor in the USA who has used Maharishi Ayurveda to help many families stay well in Winter.

Why do children get ill in Winter?

The conventional view is that children are more prone to flu, colds, upper respiratory infections and other illnesses because their immune systems are untested. As they grow up and become exposed to a range of bugs then their immune database is expanded and they don’t get sick as frequently.

  • Conventional medicine would say the secret of prevention is immunization along with antibiotics when your child is ill.
  • The Maharishi Ayurveda approach is to strengthen the body so it stays well, and then germs are no longer a threat.

Western medicine has come a long way with ‘emergency medicine’ – medicine that we need in an emergency in order to sustain life. What Maharishi Ayurveda offers is insight and practical solutions in order to prevent illness arising in the first place by strengthening internal immunity.

How to build immunity 

Dr Kumuda Reddy (M.D.) and Linda Eugenes (author) in their book ‘Super Healthy Kids – A parent’s guide to Maharishi Ayurveda’ explain that:

“Immunity comes from the inside, from eating a healthy balanced diet, from having a strong digestion and from following a healthy daily routine. Prevention of disease results from strengthening immunity which essentially means strengthening digestion…

Then why are children more susceptible to certain childhood diseases than adults? The answer from Maharishi Ayurveda is that children are in a unique stage of life, called Kapha Kala.”

Kapha imbalance and what to do

When Kapha dosha dominates (from birth to age 30) children are more prone to Kapha imbalances than adults. The heavy and sticky qualities of kapha out of balance can lead to slow digestion and excess mucous resulting in Kapha-related diseases such as respiratory disorders, colds, flu and childhood diseases such as chicken pox, measles and mumps. Dr Reddy and Linda say:

“By understanding this one point – that Kapha imbalance and slow digestion is at the basis of most childhood illness, you can shape your child’s diet and daily routine to avoid excessive Kapha.”

Dr Reddy also explains that some families find that when the children take Maharishi Amrit Kalash regularly they rarely come down with a cold. Research has shown that Maharishi Amrit Kalash is also highly effective in fighting heart disease, arteriosclerosis, high cholesterol levels and aging. Additionally, it has been shown to reduce chemical toxicity and is often used to ameliorate the side-effects of chemotheraphy.

She also recommends the taking of Intelligence Plus Syrup (MA674) – a pleasant syrup that children find easy to take, to nourish the mind, memory and brain during development and student years.

Action Plan for a healthy Winter this year

  • Favour a Kapha pacifying diet
  • Avoid packaged, frozen, leftovers or canned foods as they are low in prana (life-force), are hard to digest and clog up the digestive system, which overworks the immune system
  • Eat 3 warm meals a day at regular times, and sit to eat without watching TV or reading
  • Be in bed early and avoid sleeping in as it increases the heavy qualities of Kapha, causing dullness and congestion
  • Reduce stress by using the childrens' Transcendental Meditation technique
  • Maintain or build immunity and balance the mind and emotions by taking Amrit Kalash daily
  • Nourish the mind, memory and brain as your child grows and during the student years by taking Intelligence Plus Syrup (MA674) - children like taking it

Cold or Flu Assistance

If your child has succumbed to a cold or flu we suggest taking rest, along with the following:

  • Follow a Kapha pacifying diet with a very light evening meal as this is the time when incomplete digestion is likely to occur if a larger meal is taken. Take Digest Plus (MA154) after meals 3 times a day
  • Take Congest Relief (MA364) 2 times a day, and use Breathe Easy Essential Oil (MA 634) in a steam inhalation - you can also mix it with sesame oil and use as a chest rub
  • To support recovery it is best to take Amrit Kalash Ambrosia MA5 and Nectar MA7. If budget is tight then substitute with Nervous System Support (MA151), which is a general rejuvenative, nerve tonic and immunity support.


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