Tips for Healthy, Happy Kids

Date Posted:21 December 2012 

Every mother knows her child is unique and special; Ayurveda recognizes that as well. As the new year starts and children return to school it can be helpful to consider how to best support your child, grandchild, niece or nephew or friends child that you are close too. This week we aim to give you pointers to help support your young one in effective yet simple ways.

To know Ayurveda is to know life. The principles of an Ayurvedic lifestyle, combined with herbal remedies for kids, can be very beneficial to the emotional, physical and spiritual health of a child. There are two herbal formulates that stand out above the rest in helping to support a happy and healthy child - Intelligence Plus Syrup and Mind Plus.

Each child is different

Generally, kapha dosha dominates a child's life from the time they are in utero to their young twenties. Most childhood ills and behavioural problems are related to a disturbance in kapha dosha, yet each child is different and may be dominant in another body-mind type.

Once a parent recognizes which type their child is, they will know how to adapt to the child’s individual needs.The first step is to identify the dominant qualities in the young person. They will have elements of all three doshas, but are typically predominantly in one dosha.

The Vata Child

Vata predominant children are prone to anxiety and insomnia, are constantly moving, and learn quickly. They are also cheerful, energetic, outgoing and may eat like a bird at meals, preferring to eat small amounts throughout the day rather than large meals.
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The Kapha Child

The kapha child is typically more self-sufficient than his or her vata or pitta counterparts. Due to their patience and gentle nature, kapha children have a tendency to be overlooked when in a room with vata and pitta children. It is vital to understand that just because a kapha child does not demand his parents' attention, it does not mean he does not need it just as much as the other two mind-body types.
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The Pitta Child

Pitta children are highly intellectual and thrive off constant attention and need constant stimulation. Pitta dominant children are highly creative and have the potential to be extremely successful in life if their needs for attention and support are met.
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No matter which dosha type your child is, they all need the love and support of their parents and loved ones along with adequate sleep, diet suited to their needs and happy life experiences.

Helpful tip:  A warm oil massage once a day or once every few days is great for conveying the loving touch that builds trust, security and contentment. It also boosts immunity and facilitates better sleep.

May this year be the best one yet for you and your children.

The Get Balance Team 

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