Turn to Natural Remedies for Indigestion

Date Posted:15 April 2011 

Maharishi Ayurveda considers the way in which people eat to be just as important as what they eat when it comes to finding solutions to common digestive complaints, such as gas, bloating, stomach ache, constipation, heartburn and energy slumps. Too often, people are forced to eat too quickly; in today's hectic modern society, it seems that meals are crammed into a busy schedule, rather than given the time and effort they deserve. The importance of food to the human body cannot be underestimated. To eat is to give life; without food, we will die. According to Ayurveda, the very act of eating is something to be revered; it is crucial for the development of the consciousness as well as maintaining physical wellbeing. Natural remedies for indigestion can help restore balance to the mind as well as the body. A

s a starting point, sit down and relax to eat. Eating should never be done while standing up, walking or driving. When you sit down, the stomach assumes a relaxed position, making digestion easier. Without distractions, you can focus on the taste, texture and smell of the food you are eating. A simple way to improve digestive function is to stimulate the agni (digestive fire) prior to a meal; add 3-4 drops of lemon juice and a sprinkling of salt to a 1-inch piece of fresh ginger and eat it immediately before the meal. This works by activating the salivary glands, creating the enzymes that are needed to absorb the nutrients.

Drink lassi at lunchtime to prevent gas and bloating. A straightforward lassi recipe consists of 1 cup of water at room temperature, 1/4 cup of fresh homemade yoghurt, 1 pinch each of ground ginger, ground cumin, ground coriander and salt. Blend the ingredients together for one minute and drink it after eating lunch. Lassi is a tasty, light drink that lubricates the intestines to aid digestion. The lunchtime meal should be the largest of the day. Dinner should be a lighter dish, and make sure you eat no later than 8pm to give your body time to digest food before you got to bed. Another Ayurvedic recommendation is to avoid ice cold drinks and food, which overstimulate the agni and create a digestive imbalance.

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