Vata Exercise Recommendations

Date Posted:6 November 2012 

As your profile typically needs to build stamina you will do best with exercise that require bursts of speed with rest periods in between. Walking, Yoga, Tai chi, Pilates, easy cycling, swimming and light jogging are good forms of exercise for you. Let your choice of exercise be guided by your enjoyment and choose exercise forms that you really like!

Begin your exercise by breathing comfortably through the nose. Monitor your pace and at the point where you would start gulping air through the mouth slow down and re-establish easy nose breathing. After 1-3 minutes at this slower pace then pick up your pace again and see how much further you will get this time before needing to reset your breathing Over time your fitness will increase and you will be amazed at how easy it is to exercise at a high level while staying in a zone of effortless exercise.

Helpful tips

  • It is important to exercise within your current fitness levels. Careful listening to your body's cues and pacing intensity by incorporating the breathing technique above is an important skill for you to master.
  • Frequency – 25 to 30 minutes every day.
  • Intensity – Light to moderate. Don’t get too carried away and avoid over training. Aim for a relaxed easy pace.
  • Routine works: Stick to the same time each day…take a balanced approach.
  • Best cross training options are anything that gives you a light intensity workout and helps you feel calm and relaxed. The best forms for you are yoga, bowling, swimming, sailing, volleyball, horseback riding, easy bicycle touring, hiking and walking, archery, light weight training, golf, canoeing, easy rowing and Tai Chi.


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