Want to learn more about Ayurveda?

Date Posted:30 July 2013 

Are you looking to study Ayurveda out of personal interest?
Or perhaps you would like formal training to become a Maharishi Ayurveda Consultant?
Whatever your level of interest, there’s now a clear way forward to study when you want, and in the comfort of your own home.
Our friends at Maharishi University of Management in Iowa, USA, have developed a series of distance education courses on engaging personal interest topics around Ayurveda.
In addition they have a new course to train and certify Maharishi Ayurveda Wellness Consultants. Graduates from this 21 one-hour module course will be able to consult with clients, family, and friends, helping them with higher levels of health and well-being using Maharishi Ayurveda. Many of you have asked us in the past Where can we get training in this remarkable science of health? Now it's available.
How’s it done?
All from the comfort of your home. If you already have a high-speed internet connection (and most urban locations in New Zealand and Australia have this) then you can take the course at your own pace with lessons streamed directly to your computer.
Who can attend?
The course does not require previous training in Maharishi Ayurveda and is particularly applicable for
  • Health professionals, including nurses, physical therapists, massage therapists, yoga therapists, fitness trainers, and other wellness practitioners.
  • Non-professionals with a background or interest in health who would like to deepen their knowledge of Maharishi Ayurveda, or with a view to becoming a consultant TAKE A CLOSER LOOK>>
What other topics?
There’s a host of self-interest courses to choose from, with more being added (click on any link below to go directly to the course page)

Course fees?

Some courses are fixed fees, yet others are included in the recently announced monthly subscription plan where for US$45 per month students have access to a variety of non-credit courses, plus non-credit versions of some of the for-credit courses. It’s an affordable alternative to paying as much as US$250 or more to access a single course for 6 months. Not every course is included in this plan. For example the Maharishi Ayurveda Wellness Consultants training is not included. It consists of five 21 hour modules US$495 each. The course must be completed within 6 months.
Wishing you happy studies!
The Get Balance Team


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