When’s A Good Time To Detox?

Date Posted:19 August 2014 

Have you noticed how much smoother a car runs after it has had a tune up? It can sometimes seem as if the car is new again!

Just as our car does best with a regular service so also nature has coded within our physiology two times of the year when a tune up can make all the difference to how we feel and perform – the transition from winter to spring and the transition from summer to autumn.

After a gentle Ayurvedic cleanse people often comment about how much more energy they have, how their aches and pains have gone, and how much happier they feel. It makes sense that a cleanse can bring about such broad benefits when one considers how much better cells perform when they are bathed in clean fluids.

One time when feeling the pulse of a lady with cancer the congestion within the body was quite high. Upon deeper insight it was as if the cells themselves were bathed in fluids that were much like the cloudy remains of dirty dishwater. The cells were finding it very difficult to get the nourishment they needed in order to create healthy cell maintenance.

Do I need to detox?
Each day our cells engage in a lively dance of taking in nourishment, releasing waste and maintaining cellular rejuvenation. Cellular effectiveness is seen in our mental and physical energy, health and wellbeing.

What is important to note is that over time impurities build up within our bodies as part of normal wear and tear and from the dietary and lifestyle choices we make. Ayurveda explains that during the gap between two seasons, impurities that have built up in the previous season  (for example during winter) are released into the blood stream for cleansing.

This release of impurities into the bloodstream happens automatically whether we want it to or not. This is nature’s seasonal maintenance programme to keep us in tip-top shape! Nature releases the stored impurities from within our cells, organs and bodily systems that if left to build up, may well become like that cloudy dish water. Being in step with nature’s rhythm at springtime makes cleansing most effective, less of an effort and more of a pleasure.

Spring Cleanse
The ideal time to start planning to do a spring cleanse is now. Allowing time to get the herbals and to establish a daily and dietary routine to support your cleanse will make it easy to get best results from your spring cleanse this year.

VATA cleanse and detox >>
Choose this cleanse if you are Vata type or suffering from Vata imbalances such as constipation, difficulty sleeping or feeling worried, anxious or fearful

PITTA cleanse and detox >> 
Choose this cleanse if you are a Pitta type or suffering from Pitta imbalances such as bodily heat or acidity, loose bowel motions, waking in the night and finding it difficult to go back to sleep, or feeling resentful and angry within.

KAPHA cleanse and detox >>
Choose this cleanse if you are a Kapha type or suffering from Kapha imbalances such as weight gain, mucous congestion, with low energy and finding it difficult to motivate yourself and a tendency to feel sad or low in mood.

We look forward to hearing how much better you feel as a result of your spring cleaning.

Wishing you the bliss of balance,

Linda Sinden
Maharishi Ayurveda Practitioner
Get Balance Team

Linda Sinden has been a practising Maharishi Ayurveda Consultant since 1990 and is a regular contributor to our weekly Insights. She has a practice in Auckland, New Zealand and also provides phone or Skype sessions for those who need assistance, but don’t have a consultant in their vicinity.
Email: lindasinden@orbislife.co.nz
Skype: Linda.Sinden
Mobile: +64 212237525 

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