A New Tip For Quality Sleep

Date Posted:10 June 2014 

When the mind is held in a state of suspense thinking about what has happened (or what will happen, or what could happen) then the body follows suit, unable to relax, unwind and let go, making it difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep. The following parable provides an interesting insight into one man’s solution to this problem.

The parable
“Once there was a family man with wife and children who owned many factories. He considered himself fortunate to be able to offer work to the many people who worked in these factories. This man was a devout Buddhist and considered his good fortune and worldly possessions to be a blessing from the Divine and took upon himself the role of caretaker.

In line with this, each night before sleeping he would systematically give back to the Divine all that he had been caretaking that day, with thanks. He gave thanks for his beautiful wife and children and gave them back to the Divine. He gave thanks for all of his worldly possessions, factories and all who worked in them, and gave them back also. In this manner he gave back all he had been caretaking and went to bed with no worldly responsibilities and at peace with his maker.

Upon waking he rose delighted that he had been granted life this day. He gave thanks for the gift of life and delighted in his beautiful wife and children. He gave gratitude for the factories and workers he had the fortune to care for that day.”

Quality sleep is a No.1 priority

  • To help your body and mind slip into dreamland, establish a gentle and regular evening routine to help disengage from the day's activities.
  • Wind down for a minimum of 45 minutes prior bed
  • Have a strong cup of Slumber Time Tea to help you unwind.
  • Favour relaxing activities
  • Settle with aroma therapy – Use Vata Aroma Oil to aid relaxation.
  • Listen to restful music that you enjoy
  • Read a relaxing book
  • View a comedy or gentle uplifting love story
  • Avoid computer work, aggressive or confronting movies/tv/conversation from 8-9pm onwards
  • Do what works for you…

Bedtime help
Be in bed by 9.45 to 10.00 pm, resting easily with the light out. Create a calm atmosphere in the bedroom. Avoid working, using a computer or a mobile phone in the bedroom. Where you can, read away from the bedroom. Keep your bedroom at a comfortable temperature and use natural fibres for bedding and nightwear.

  • For helping sleep onset take Blissful Sleep 2 tablets 15-30 minutes prior bed with a little warm milk.
  • To help reduce waking in the night take Deep Rest 2 tablets 15-30 minutes prior bed and a further 1-2 tablets should you wake during the night.

About Deep Rest
This herbal formula is especially targeted for those who have difficulty maintaining a sleep state and waking up in the middle of the night. But it also helps those who have difficulty falling asleep and those who awaken early in the morning after less than six hours of sleep.

"I have found Deep Rest to be very effective and reliable in helping me achieve a good night's sleep, without leaving me feeling groggy the next day."

Wishing you the bliss of a great night’s sleep!

Linda Sinden
Maharishi Ayurveda Practitioner

Get Balance Team

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