All About Me #1

Date Posted:18 March 2013 

I am unique

Have you noticed…

  • Some people need 9 hours sleep a night, while others thrive on 7-8 hours sleep
  • Some people never put on weight no matter how much they eat, yet others just look at food and gain weight!
  • Some people thrive with vigorous exercise, while others find a walk is enough

Such human differences are familiar to us all and highlight how unique we all are. Basically, because people are different their health and wellbeing needs do not fall into a one size fits all approach. That is why one diet approach may work for your friend yet be completely unsuitable for you.

Your physical structure, your mental and emotional makeup and predisposition to illness are uniquely yours. The first step to being in charge of your own health care and wellbeing is to understand your unique current needs and thereby what diet, exercise and lifestyle choices will best support your health and wellbeing. We have designed a simple questionnaire that takes 3-5 minutes and provides specific recommendations to help you get started!

Complete the Test Your Health questionnaire to find out what dosha you need to balance to restore or maintain vital health and wellbeing.  Find out now!

In the next email we dive into understanding the 3 key organizing principles of nature that make you uniquely you – they are called Vata, Pitta and Kapha… but  more about that in your second All about me step. 

“Vata, Pitta and Kapha (the three doshas) are the three fundamental principles governing physiological processes.  When in balance, they maintain the body in good health; when out of balance, they are the three basic causes of imbalance, disturbance and disease in the body.”
Charaka Samhita

Wishing you optimal well-being and happiness

The Get Balance Team 

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