Coffee... is my intake okay?

Author: Linda Sinden   Date Posted:10 July 2019 

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How is my intake of caffeine?

Do you sometimes wonder if your coffee or caffeine intake is too much?

The most commonly known sources of caffeine are coffee, tea, in some soft drinks and chocolate. The amount of caffeine in food products varies depending on the serving size, the type of product and preparation method. With teas and coffees, the plant variety also affects caffeine content.  

  • An eight-ounce (237ml) cup of drip-brewed coffee typically has 65-120 milligrams (mg) of caffeine 
  • An eight and one-third ounce (246ml) energy drink contains between 50-200 mg
  • An eight-ounce (237ml) serving of brewed tea has 20-90 mg 
  • Caffeinated soft drinks have 30-60 mg per 12 ounce (355ml) serving 
  • And an ounce (28.3g) of milk chocolate has just 1-15 mg.

What constitutes a normal amount of caffeine depends on the individual. Caffeine sensitivity depends on many factors, including the frequency and amount of regular intake, your body weight and physical condition. Numerous studies have shown that moderate amounts of caffeine - about 300 milligrams per day - are safe for most adults.

Some individuals may be sensitive to caffeine and will feel effects at smaller doses than individuals who are less sensitive Source: International Food Information Council Foundation (2007). Fact Sheet: Caffeine and Health) 

Ayurveda considers caffeine to be like a medicine and suggests it needs to be adjusted according to its effects.   


Is my caffeine intake OK?

After taking a caffeine rich drink or food do you notice

  • Your body temperature is abnormally increased 
  • You become hyperactive
  • You need to pass urine more frequently
  • You feel  dizzy or experience a rapid heart rate
  • You get irritable and or restless 

As you reflect upon how you have felt over the last month, ask yourself

  • Has my face been highly flushed?
  • Have I had disturbed sleep or difficulty getting to sleep?
  • Have I felt restless?
  • Have I felt nervous?
  • Have I experienced stomach upsets?
  • Have I experienced muscle twitching?

If you have answered yes to one or more of these questions, think about your caffeine intake… are you happy with the amount of caffeine you ingest from all sources? These symptoms can be caused by high levels of caffeine in your system.


What does Ayurveda say? 

It depends on your body type, how much you drink and when you drink it! 

The warm and stimulating effects of coffee can lift energy levels, which can be helpful during Kapha time of the day between 6am and 10am for those strong with Kapha nature or Kapha imbalance. Taken with a meal it can also help promote digestion and it can also raise your blood pressure! Ayurveda teaches that this “medicine” needs to be adjusted according to its effects.   

Vata The stimulating impact of coffee tends to be too enervating for Vata types and can lead to difficulty thinking, lack of focus, restless sleeping, nightmares or difficulty going to sleep at all!  Raja’s Cup, Vata Tea or Worry Free Tea are all a better option!  

Pitta The stimulating and energising impact of coffee has a heat increasing tendency, so it is by nature very Pitta aggravating. It is best for Pitta types to greatly reduce or even avoid caffeine-rich food and drinks. It can result in high levels of acidity, temper, sarcasm, heat and anger. Raja’s Cup is a great alternative to try!  

Kapha As Kapha types tend to be slow-moving, both in the morning and throughout the day a drink of coffee can help to stimulate energy and focus. It can also help a sluggish digestion. The diuretic quality can also help reduce the heavy, wet nature of the Kapha body type. Having said that, remember “all things in moderation”!  If you are regularly drawing upon the energizing quality of coffee or caffeine then it may be time to look at how to balance your Kapha dosha in a way that gives short term gain and long term gain as well.

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