Healthy Sugar Balance

Date Posted:8 August 2012 

The body likes to be finely tuned… just like a car. The better it is treated overall, the better each and every part of the body can be maintained. If one part is out of kilter, it will strain the others. As our diets have become more energy ladden and fastfoods easily accessible high blood sugar issues (kapha imbalance) have become more common both in adults and children. Too many sweet, heavy foods, long-term stress and lack of exercise all contribute to a sugar intolerance.

Symptoms to look out for are:

  • Signs of Kapha imbalance such as weight gain, cold sluggish digestion, fluid retention, drowsiness, lethargy, over-eating and sedentary lifestyle
  • Frequent urination
  • Increased thirst
  • Increased appetite
  • Rapid weight loss even when eating regularly
  • Headaches
  • Blood test showing impaired blood glucose levels

Fortunately there are a lot of preventative or supportive measures you can take. Also a tight control of blood sugar levels can reduce the risk of diabetes-related heart attacks and strokes by more than 50 percent. As the saying goes a little bit or prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Programme for Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

  • Take Gluco Balance as per bottle (non insulin dependent) - Gluco Balance is a powerful combination of herbs that improves the body's natural ability to metabolize sugar by assisting carbohydrate metabolism and overall digestion, helping to regulate and protect liver function and support normal functions that can be strained by poor sugar metabolism.
  • Add Digest Tone 2 tablets prior evening meal and 1 tablet prior breakfast and lunch.
  • Drink Kapha Tea or Be Trim Tea - 2 litres a day.
  • Use Kapha Churna for seasoning foods.
  • Favour predominantly bitter, astringent and pungent tastes. Leafy greens such as lettuce, bok choy, silverbeet and spinach are both bitter and astringent. Although less common in the western diet, bitter gourd and fenugreek are particularly balancing with metabolic sluggishness. Quinoa, barley and amaranth are the most suitable grains. Pungent tastes include ginger, black pepper, cloves and turmeric. Favour warm, cooked, light meals and avoid excess dairy, meat and sweet food.

Programme for Healthy Weight and Balanced Blood Sugars

  • Drink Be Trim Tea and use Kapha Churna to season your meals at lunch and evening meals.
  • Take Be Trim tablets and Gluco Balance as per the bottle to support carbohydrate metabolism, reduce sugar cravings and to support weight reduction. Add in 2 tablets of Digest Tone prior the evening meal.
  • Be sure to exercise for 30 minutes most days at a comfortable pace. As your fitness develops increase the intensity of your exercise and aim to be active most days for 30-60 minutes.
  • Use Meda Aroma Oil to support healthy fat and sugar metabolism. Place it in an aroma burner or in an aroma therapy locket around your neck to support metabolism during the day.
  • Apply Kapha Massage Oil over the body in the morning prior shower or bath.

What about diabetes?

Diabetes from an Ayurvedic perspective is due to a loss of intelligence in the physiology. Basically the pancreas loses its proper functioning; this can be due to genetic predisposition, particularly in juvenile-onset diabetes, or poor diet, lack of exercise and being overweight.

Transcendental Meditation or Maharishi Ayurveda herbal preparations can assist in re-enlivening the physiology’s innate intelligence. If diabetes is diagnosed by your doctor then close monitoring of the sugar content of food, favouring the dietary recommendations above, taking blood samples to check blood sugar levels and injecting yourself with insulin or taking prescribed medication may be necessary. Digest Tone and MA 408 and the Be Trim tablets and teas can also be helpful.

Additional Tips

  • Eating regular meals with a larger meal at lunch time and a lighter dinner will also help to balance and stabilise blood sugar levels.
  • Drinking warm boiled water with Kapha teabag or Be Trim teabag added helps to get rid of toxins that could inhibit the function of the pancreas and the liver.
  • Regular exercise is an important part of a balancing regime. Walking 5kms a day is useful for stimulating pancreatic functioning.
  • Avoid sleeping in past 6am (during Kapha time of day 6am-10am) as the body’s channels are more likely to become blocked with impurities (ama) with day sleep, resulting in a heavier or sluggish feel to the mind and body.

In the case of mature-onset diabetes, prevention is the key. Maintain a healthy weight, exercise regularly and avoid fatty, sugary foods. While insulin may still be needed in the case of juvenile-onset diabetes, this type can also benefit from a good diet and regular routine.

The Get Balance Team

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