Breathe Easy This Winter

Date Posted:27 May 2013 

Breathe Easy 2 is a potent herbal that helps to

  • Reduce mucous congestion
  • Reduce sensitivity to external allergens
  • Relieve anxiety
  • Reduce symptoms of Asthma
  • Reduce symptoms of Hay fever
  • Reduce cough and bronchospasm

Breathe easy 2 enhances your natural immune response to allergens, helping to maintain a healthy upper respiratory tract.

Helpful Tips
The changeable nature of winter can offer our respiratory system more opportunity to become imbalanced leading to mucous build up, sensitivity to allergens and increased bouts of asthma. Even a tendency for anxiety can be increased at this time of the year.

What can I do?

  • Take Breathe Easy 2 - 1 to 2 tablets prior 15-30 minutes prior morning and evening meals.
  • Use Herbal Nasal Oil nasal drops after morning shower and at 5pm.
  • As upper respiratory imbalances accumulate first in the digestive system take Digest Tone 2 tablets prior evening meals along with Breathe Easy 2 for extra support and protection.
  • In addition favour warm food and drink with largest quantity of food at lunch time and lighter evening meals according to appetite.
  • If you have a specific respiratory conditions you would like help with, we are happy to help.  Ask us a question>>

Wishing you great health this winter.

The Get Balance Team 

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