Daily Detox for Health


Just as nature has rhythms so too our body follows set cleansing cycles each day, month and season.

Working with these cycles helps us maintain health, prevent against degenerative disorders such as arthritis and can help us resist seasonal coughs, colds, flues and allergies too.

Enjoy exceptional health with the following de-tox recommendations:

Detox - Daily Cleansing
  • When you wake first clean your teeth and scrape your tounge so the impurities that have settled on the tounge and in the mouth while you slept are expelled.
  • Refresh the palate with a choice of the following:

Drink lemon and honey in lukewarm water to start your day. Place the juice of Ā½ a lemon and 1 tsp of honey into a lukewarm glass of water and stir. Then drink to help cleanse the palate and to awaken digestion and elimination .

If you have a tendency for constipation or strong indigestion take one half cup of aloe vera juice. (Do nottake the gel, which is much stronger and not whole-leaf aloe, which is not recomĀ­mended by Ayurveda).  Then for breakfast eat a baked or stewed apple or pear and 8 prunes that has been soaked overnight and or stewed with an apple or pear.  Also take 2-4 tablets of Digest Tone prior bed to aid elimination.

If you have a tendency for loose bowel bring one cup of pure water (filtered or spring water) to a boil. Let cool down to drinkable temperature. Add juice of an entire small lime or half of a large lime and drink.

  • Then sit on the toilet for your daily elimination.
    The ideal time to feel the urge and to clear the bowel is first thing in the morning just after waking. If your habit is to cleanse the bowel later in the day then aim to reset your pattern of elimination to first thing upon rising.
    To help reset your pattern of elimination sit on the toilet for 5-10 minutes after waking. Do this regularly each morning not minding if you eliminate or not. Overtime this habit will signal to your body that this is the time for your daily bowel motion.
  • Begin your day with Sun Salutations>>.
    This gentle flow of yoga postures helps to reduce stress, improves lung capacity, reduces stiffness of all the body parts, helps to cultivate stability and flexibility, works on all the glands, systems and parts of the body,  and balances heat and cold in the body. 
    Practicing 12 rounds of the Sun Salutation  every day (called Suryanamaskara)  keeps a person strong and healthy both physically and mentally.
  • Perform a daily self massage  prior shower or bath first thing.  Use Vata, Pitta or Kapha massage oil for best results.
  • Practice Transcendental Meditation daily to release the harmful biochemistry of stress.  Meditating can be likened to a daily cleanse for the nervous system, endocrine system and cardiovascular system.  Research results show how wide reaching the benefits of this simple mental technique are when practiced for a few minutes daily.
  • Hydrate and flush your cells daily with regular sips of Vata, Pitta or Kapha tea or warm water every 30-60 minutes during the day. Aim to have 2 L per day for woman and 3 L for man..
  • Reduce the build up of impurities from slow digestion 
    As digestive strength mirrors the suns path through the day, in the evening digestive power is reduced as the sun is setting. To protect against the build up of impurities take the Ayurveda  formulae Digest Tone 1-2 tablets prior or with your evening meal.
    In addition take heavier foods such as cheese, yogurt, animal protein and oily or fatty foods at lunch time when digestive power is strongest and favour smaller quantities for the evening meal.
  • Sleep - Be in bed by 10 pm and sleep for 7-9 hours, rising with the sun.
    Make the most of the Daily Re-Set sleep provides. During sleep the body cleanses as it restores itself from the effects of stress and toxins, the mind makes connections and creates links, while the immune system goes to work fighting and protecting you. Sleep give our brain the opportunity to correct and adjust all the hormonal and chemical levels helping us to remain balanced and steady through out the day, with increased ability to handle the day-to-day stresses.
    Keep the bedroom free of tv, computers, mobiles, etc. It is a place for sleep.  Wind down before bed with a cup of Slumber Time Tea.  If you have difficulty going to sleep take 2 tablets of Blissful Sleep prior bed. If you wake in the night take 2 tablets of Deep Rest prior bed.
  • Digestion Re-set  
    Every so often it is a good idea to re-set your digestion.  See how>>



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